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Your Trusted Shower Door/Shower Glass Company in Lakeway, TX

Lakeway Shower Doors

Shower Doors of Austin provide premium shower glass/shower doors services to your Lakeway area home or business.

With over 50 years of service in Lakeway, we are the shower door/ shower glass company you can trust. Our family-owned business wants to help you create the perfect shower glass or interior glass addition to your home or office.

Our custom glass services extend to Lakeway homeowners, architects, builders, and more. We want to help you provide the best and safest glass installation in Lakeway.

Update Your Cabinet Glass and Style

Do you want to update your cabinetry with custom cabinet glass? To choose the perfect cabinet glass for your cabinetry, you need to consider just what style room and cabinetry you are updating.

The first consideration is which room your cabinet(s) is in. If the cabinet is in your kitchen, is the cabinet going to be used to showcase your kitchen wares? Or would you prefer not to see into the cabinets? If the cabinet is in your living room/dining room/ office, what will the cabinet hold?

There are multiple glass options in which you can obscure the contents of your cabinets, no matter the updated custom cabinet glass. If you would like your cabinet contents to remain a mystery, opaque glass or custom etched glass might be the best option for you.

Sand-blasted glass is a frosted glass that is partially opaque, which will give the illusion of the contents of your cabinet being visible while still hiding the details.

Textured glass is completely opaque and will hide away the contents of your glass cabinet. This is perfect for you if you want the look of glass cabinetry without having to stylize and organize the contents of your cabinet.

If you choose to use the transparent glass option, you want to make sure you are styling your cabinet contents to fit your unique aesthetic. One way to ensure your cabinet contents are uniquely styled is to use a specific color scheme when choosing the contents you wish your cabinet to hold.

If the cabinet is near a neutral-toned wall, having the contents of your cabinet vary in bright-colored patterns can bring the cabinet to the forefront as a centerpiece of your room. Choosing a specific color scheme for your cabinet contents will make your cabinet contents come together into a cohesive whole.

Clear glass provides a great quality, polished look for your glass cabinet. This is the traditional choice for all your glass needs.

Low-iron glass is clear glass that has been treated to remove most of the iron content of the glass. If you want your glass to be particularly thick, low-iron glass is a good choice.

No matter the glass you choose, Shower Doors of Austin is here for you. We want to help you update the glass in your Lakeway home or business. Call us to learn more about our custom glass options.

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