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Why Frameless Glass is an Excellent Choice for Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing comprises glass sheets that are held in position at the bottom instead of a panel frame. This type of fencing is made from tempered glass – known for its safety and durability. This means it’s less likely to cause an injury even after breakage.

Frameless glass makes any space look bigger and gives the illusion that there’s no fencing at all. Most homeowners choose frameless glass pool fencing over framed fencing because of its aesthetics and greater visibility.

This guide will discuss other reasons to opt for frameless glass for pool fencing.


Frameless glass pool fencing gives your pool area a contemporary look and is commonly installed in high-end homes, hotels, and resorts around the world because of its visually appealing landscape design.

When installing frameless glass fencing, you won’t even need to consider the color theme, flooring, or layout of the pool area. That’s because glass fencing for pools blends into all kinds of outdoor areas so that you can have a beautiful space.

Open Backyard Living

Outdoor and indoor living is now trending with frameless glass pool fencing, ensuring that your backyard doesn’t end at the pool fencing. By installing the frameless glass pool fence, you can make the place more spacious and enjoy the whole yard without any obstructions.

This will also improve the aesthetics of the space, especially when you’re organizing a party, while maintaining safety and enhancing the mood of your guests.

Easy to Supervise Kids and Pets

Since frameless glass gives you an unobstructed view of your pool area, you can have it installed, especially if you have kids and pets at home. The clear frameless glass fencing will make supervising them much easier.

This means you can keep an eye on them from every corner of the backyard while enjoying your time at the deck or banana lounge, or even from inside, through the windows.

Frameless glass panel

Low Maintenance Option

Unlike metal or wood fencing, glass pool fencing does not rust, rot, or fade over time. It’s a low-maintenance option as it requires a simple cleaning regime. For example, stains and any matter on the glass can be easily removed using a mild detergent and then wiping it away with a clean, soft cloth. That’s how you can maintain the sparkle and shape of the glass for years.

Make sure you use a non-scratch cleaning cloth or pad to avoid damaging the glass surface. Stubborn stains or marks can be removed with a stronger cleaning spray. Wipe away the soapy water or cleaning solution thoroughly to prevent streaks on the glass. Unclean frameless glass will bring down the look of your entire landscape.

Robust Fencing

Frameless glass for pool fencing constitutes 12mm thick tempered glass panels. The glass is heated over 700 degrees Celsius during the process of production. This makes it stronger so that it doesn’t break even if dropped on concrete. So you can rest assured about your kids’ safety as it won’t break due to strong impact or severe weather conditions.

Even if tempered glass breaks, it is scattered into hundreds of tiny round pieces rather than sharp shards. This prevents any cuts and serious injuries in an accident. Hire reliable glass services to get the fencing installed right the first time.

Great Investment

Though frameless glass fencing costs a little more than other fencing options, it’s worth investing in the long run. Glass fencing won’t corrode, rust, or fade over time or require repainting or repairs. This means it can last for several decades without incurring hefty repair and maintenance costs.

Poolside lounge

Bigger Space and Safety

No matter how small your outdoor area is, you can always opt for frameless glass fencing for your pool to make it look bigger and more spacious. This is a great idea, especially when you’re planning to entertain many guests at your home.

Glass pool fencing offers improved safety to kids and pets because it’s difficult to climb. On the other hand, wooden or metal fencing features horizontal footholds or bars that can be used to easily climb upwards. This is where the purpose of installing pool fencing is defeated, leading to devastating results.

Glass doors

Hire Glass Contractors at Shower Doors of Austin

Now that you know the importance of frameless glass for pool fencing, the next step is to hire experienced glass contractors in Austin. To make the most out of your frameless glass installation, we recommend using professional services at Shower Doors of Austin. We’re a reputable glass company offering reliable structural integrity, engineering and unparalleled service in glass installations. 

With custom mirror installation and shower doors installation in Austin, we guarantee you that your safety will never be compromised.

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