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The Shower Doors/Shower Glass Company in Bee Cave That You Can Trust

Beecave Shower Doors

Shower Doors of Austin wants to create the perfect shower glass/shower doors for your Bee Cave home or business. We provide excellent customer service and specialized information on shower glass and interior glass. Our expertise ranges from shower door installation to custom interior glass pieces to make your home or business stand out.

Do you need help installing shower glass or custom interior glass in your Bee Cave home or business? We can help with design and installation for a number of different Bee Cave area glass projects, including stair rail glass and custom glass tabletops.

Call us at 512-831-3651 to learn more about our services located in Bee Cave, TX, and get a free estimate for your project.

Custom Glass Tabletops for Bee Cave, TX

Choosing the right custom glass tabletop for your Bee caves home or business can influence the entire feeling of the room your table sits in. Do you want to learn more about custom glass tabletops? Shower Doors of Austin will help you create the perfect custom glass tabletops for your home or business.

When looking for a new custom glass tabletop, you want to consider the shape, glass thickness, and type of glass that will work for your unique project.

The most common shapes of glass tabletops are round, oval, square, or rectangle. Each provides its own unique advantages.

The shape of your custom glass tabletop might be dependent on the table's function and size. For example, larger glass tabletops that might serve a dining function may require a larger rectangular shape to allow for a larger surface area.

Just as you can choose the shape of your glass tabletop, you can also choose the thickness of the glass. Tabletop glass comes in four different thicknesses. 3/16", ¼," ⅜," and ½" are the most common thicknesses available. Thicker glass is more suitable for custom tabletop glass that will sit within a larger frame or stand on a pedestal.

The type of glass you choose will also have a bearing on the thickness of the glass. The options are:

  • Clear glass
  • Low-iron glass
  • Sand-blasted glass
  • Textured glass
  • Etched glass

Each type of glass offers its own unique benefits to your custom glass tabletop options.

To help choose the perfect glass for your custom glass tabletop, contact Bee Cave' most trusted glass experts at Shower Doors of Austin to talk to one of our experts.

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