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Redesign Your Austin Shower With Custom Shower Glass

Custom Shower Glass

The custom shower glass professionals at Shower Doors of Austin want to help you create the perfect shower. Our experts know just how many options are on the market for shower glass and shower doors. Our shower door and shower glass company can help you make the best shower glass or shower door choice for your home.

Austin's premier shower door and shower glass company will help you choose between frameless shower doors, sliding shower doors, and many more.

To create the perfect shower glass/shower doors in Austin, our shower door and shower glass company provides one-on-one support to customers.

Contact Austin's leading shower door and shower glass company to get a free estimate today.

How We can Help You Choose Shower Glass

Your shower glass choices are vast and complicated. We at Glass Doors of Austin want to help you create the perfect bathroom shower doors for your home. To do so, we take your unique lifestyle into account as we consider which shower glass option will work for your home.

There are many options when it comes to shower glass, including:

  • Clear Glass
  • Low-Iron Glass
  • Frosted Glass
  • Rain Glass

Each of these options is a great possibility for your new shower upgrade, depending on the needs of your home and bathroom.

Clear glass is usually recommended for darker tiled bathrooms as clear glass tends to have a green tint to the glass due to the iron in the glass. This option is not recommended for white tiled bathrooms, as the green tint will reflect on the tile. However, this option gives your bathroom a timelessly elegant look that works well with all shower decors. Clear doors also help to make smaller bathrooms look more spacious, as you can see through the doors into the shower enclosure.

Low-iron glass has all the same advantages as clear glass with an added clarity. This glass is recommended for white or light tiled bathrooms. This glass has less iron concentrated into the glass, which makes the glass clearer, so you don't have to worry about any tint of green.

Frosted glass is a partially opaque option that can be done to the entirety of the glass or made into a design of your choice. The frosted look is completed with sandblasting or acid-etching and gives your bathroom a unique finish. This option is perfect if you want privacy in your shower stall. This option works well in multi-person homes, especially if you're worried about someone accidentally walking into the bathroom while it is in use.

Rain glass is a factory-made design that adds texture and privacy to your shower. The design looks like small raindrops etched into the glass. This option allows more light through than the frosted glass option but still manages to afford you privacy in your shower.

Each of these glass options adds to the overall elegance of your bathroom shower. Let the professionals at Shower Doors of Austin help choose the perfect shower glass for your home.

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