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Your Guide to Using Custom Mirrors For Interior Designing

Different shapes and designs of mirrors

The mirror is a designer’s secret weapon. It’s more than an object to check your reflection. Mirrors can amplify the light and frame views and add some drama to the interior décor if they’re in the right hands.

Think outside the box, beyond the bathroom mirror, and look at these tips on ways to use custom mirrors in your interior décor. We bring these interior glass solutions so you can enhance your home décor.

Use Mirrors In A Room

If you want to increase the flow of natural light inside your room, mount a mirror beside or opposite a window. No matter how gloomy or blue the day seems, a mirror will harness the available natural light. The bigger mirror you mount, the larger and brighter the space will look.

An oversized mirror can be a perfect solution to make your room feel lighter. Place this type of mirror over mirrored drawers for more reflective power.

However, mirrors aren’t only used to manipulate natural light. Mirror emphasizes light from other sources as well. For instance, if your goal is to brighten up a dark or cavernous space, place a mirror next to a table lamp and see how it makes a difference.

Use A Mirror To Create Focal Point

Mirrors can also be used as wall parts, especially decorative mirrors with unique designs that leave a lasting impact like a wall painting. If you have a mantelpiece in your home, it’s a perfect place to hang a mirror. Even if your home doesn’t have this feature, you can mount a large mirror to create a focal point in the room.

Alternatively, you can group smaller mirrors in different shapes and sizes to touch up a plain-looking wall. If you choose mirrors of similar size, it’ll add a uniform look. You can also curate mirrors of different colors and frame shapes for an eclectic mix. In any case, the results will be a shining statement-making wall.

Turn Your Mirror Into A Window

Mirrors can make all the difference if you have a windowless room such as a bathroom. Choose a sizeable or big mirror to maximize the space. Check out our frameless glass mirrors to fit from wall to wall for a seamless effect inside the bathroom.

Another place to adorn with a mirror is your home’s hallway. Your home’s hallway can look dark and bland without a mirror. A standoff or floating mirror can change the entire aura around the hallway by creating the illusion of light.

Play With Symmetry and Shapes

Don’t stick to traditional mirrors. Experiment with unconventional shapes and designs of the mirror. Oval, round, frameless, and antique mirrors can make a world of difference. The positioning and placement matter, but they can create a sense of harmony and balance.

custom-framed glass mirror

Custom Mirror Installation in Austin

Shower Doors of Austin offer custom mirror installation services in Austin. As a glass specialist company, our goal is to offer interior glass solutions to residents of Austin at affordable prices. We work with each client to provide customized solutions. Explore our variety of custom mirrors or contact us for further assistance.

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