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What Makes Glass Table Tops So Trendy

Why you should get glass tabletops

Have you wondered why more and more homeowners are choosing glass table tops Austin? These are today's most popular home items that enhance a modern space without making it look cluttered.

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, glass table tops look elegant and can suit any style of the room. They are timeless and require minimal maintenance. Moreover, homeowners can choose from various design options that will continue to look brand new even ten years later.

You can use glass table tops to cook, eat, or place your favorite decoration items- these tops can be customized to your preferences and needs so that they portray your personality and work well with your home's surroundings.

Here are some reasons why glass table tops are so trendy:

1. Easy Maintenance

Whether you choose custom cabinet glass Austin or standoff mirrors Austin; glass is a great option for commercial and residential spaces as it does not require extensive maintenance. Stone, white PVC, wood, and cork table bases are prone to stains, while metal attracts environmental dust and needs to be waxed to maintain its sheen, making glass a better option.

Most tabletops slowly deteriorate from everyday wear and tear and unavoidable stains, including scratches, dents, and cup rings.

However, the good thing about glass is that it does not deteriorate or stain. As long as you use high-quality glass, it will not break easily, either.

The best part is that glass can be kept flawlessly clean- all you need is a glass cleaner solution and an old rag. One swipe will leave you with a crystalline, beautiful finish. Say goodbye to waxing and harsh chemicals!

2. Durable

You can choose custom etched glass Austin or simple glass- regardless of the glass surface you choose for your tabletop, it is guaranteed to last for several years.

Have you ever been to a museum with glass relics dating back to the Roman era? Even though the glass plates, vases, drinking cups, and perfume bottles are millenniums old, they are still in perfect condition. This is because glass does not corrode easily.

Based on your office or home aesthetics, you can customize your tabletop and even gift it to your grandchildren as a special memory when they get married. Rest assured, the glass table will be in pristine condition.

The durability of glass will increase the table's value, making it great for homeowners who want to sell their custom table a few years later when they are ready to renovate their home.

3. Glass Protects Other Materials

Another reason why glass tops are so trendy is that they can be used to protect the surface underneath them. Many homeowners and offices use glass tops to shield plastic, stone, wood, and other materials from dust, stains, and spills. This method can help protect expensive materials like oak, iron, and copper.

A clear glass surface on top will ensure that your original table base does not get destroyed with daily wear and tear. If you have colorful or hand-crafted bases worth thousands, protecting them with glass is a great idea.

4. Sustainable

A benefit of architectural furniture made with glass is that it is eco-friendly and sustainable. Glass tabletops do not use natural resources like stone or wood, and they are not made from synthetic materials.

Instead, these tabletops are produced from silica which is then melted into a liquid. The liquid is shaped, cooled down, and then your glass top is made.

However, glass does take a significant amount of energy to produce as it uses heat at high temperatures. However, once it has been made, you can repurpose it over the years and make it into different furniture pieces. This makes glass a flexible, sustainable option that is perfect to use as an interior design.

5. Helps Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

If you have a small space or tiny office, a custom glass table top can help make the space look instantly bigger.

Since glass allows light to pass through, it does not take up space and can help cozy dens, and cramped breakfast nooks look visually bigger.

Place your glass tops in rooms with lots of natural colors and light for the best aesthetic!


Custom cabinet glass Austin and custom glass table tops Austin look appealing, regardless of the room design. They allow individuals to switch up the space's ambiance without feeling restricted by colors and designs.

Regardless of the area you want to add your glass top, it will enhance the room's look and suit it as a versatile piece of furniture for many years to come.

Order your custom glass table tops today for the best prices!

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