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Tips For Protecting Your Glass Table Tops

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Pristine and impressive to look at, a glass center table complementing lavish marble flooring is a vision to look at. Glass tables are the go-to option for dining rooms, drawing rooms, and comfy lounge settings. The glass table top’s versatility is unmatched! It blends beautifully with traditional interiors and looks radiant in minimal modern settings.

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Here’s how to care for your glass table tops.

Don’t Keep Hot Objects Directly on the Table

Prevention is better than cure. Never directly keep hot items like coffee cups, portable kettles, ashtrays, and kitchen crockery on a glass table. Always use table mats to place hot items on. Decorative coasters with beautiful patterns do perfectly for glass dining tables. You can also have funky runners for glass tables in your lounge.

No Sharp Objects for Your Glass Tops

Even tempered glass is not scratch-proof. If your table is placed in an area with high public traffic, it’s most likely to get scratched by sharp objects. Be careful when you place car keys, cutlery, pencils and other things with sharp edges on the table.

glass table in a living room

Don’t Place Your Glass Table Tops in High Traffic Areas

Glass table tops are for your lounge and your dining room. Don’t place them in areas where they are susceptible to damage. Outdoor glass tables deserve extra care. People bumping into the table, randomly placing hot objects on it, and not paying attention to table corners can be exceptionally dangerous for the glass top.

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Don’t Use Strong Cleaners on the Glass Table

Make sure you clean your glass table duly and do not use bleach and other toxins for glass table maintenance.

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