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The Safety of Frameless Glass: Debunking Common Myths

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The use of frameless glass is a main feature in modern architecture. This is because of the sleek and elegant look that you can achieve by using glass. While the aesthetic value of glass cannot be questioned, there are many misconceptions about what glass can achieve as an integral construction material.

In this article, we will discuss the different myths surrounding the use of frameless glass in construction, debunking them where necessary. Let's dive deep into myths about frameless glass construction, and find out if it is all that safe.

Myth #1: Frameless Glass Is Fragile and Can Break Easily

The fact of the matter is that frameless glass is actually quite strong and durable. It is used in conduction for its strength, and for being resistant to shocks and breakage. The tempered glass is heated and rapidly cooled to create a resilient material that can carry four times the weight of normal glass without breaking.

The glass won’t shatter into smaller pieces; in case it breaks, this ensures that there is little to no risk associated with the breakage.

Myth #2: Frameless Glass Installations Are Unsafe If You Live With Children Or Pets 

We do believe there are certain construction and design elements that can be harmful to children and pets. In the case of glass, there are certain building regulations to follow. The use of safety glass, i.e., tempered glass is important because it ensures that the glass doesn't shatter into many small pieces, which can hurt little children and pets.

Another important condition is ensuring secure installation so that the risk of the glass falling or moving is minimized. Rounding off glass edges is another way to ensure that there is little to no risk of injury. 

Myth #3: Frameless Glass Lacks Structural Stability and Support

There are many reasons why frameless glass is commonly used in construction and interior design. One of those reasons is that it provides structural stability and is meticulously engineered to provide the necessary dimensions and durability. The glass can withstand a large load and with the help of steel clamps and other hardware touches, it can prove to be a functional part of interior design. 

Myth #4: Frameless Glass Is Unsuitable For Mountainous Regions That Are Prone To Earthquakes and Strong Winds 

The use of frameless glass systems in areas that are prone to seismic activities, or hurricanes, is not unheard of. In fact, using the necessary durability techniques such as laminating glass and adding an interlayer to enhance strength and adhesion can make the use of glass instrumental in the construction and design process.

Advanced engineering techniques can ensure that glass is used for maximum efficiency, despite the terrain and region. There are also many ways to secure glass structures, and reduce the risk of injury when these structures are impacted by seismic activity or natural disasters.

Myth #5: Frameless Glass Is Not Fire-Resistant

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There is a considerable amount of discussion whether glass is fire resistant or not. The fact is that there are certain fire-rated frameless systems that can be used to provide protection against fires.

These systems ensure that the glass is fire-resistant in a way that it can resist high temperatures for a longer period of time, providing those inside the structure more time to safely evacuate. Fire-resistant frameless glass provides a barrier against smoke, flame, and heat amongst other fire hazards. This is why frameless glass is popular among authorities that establish building codes.

It is in fact, not all about the aesthetic.

Myth #6: Spontaneous Breakage Is Common With Frameless Glass

Spontaneous breakage of frameless glass is a rare occurrence. In fact, this is true of many types of glass and is linked to the mishandling of the glass during the framing process. If you want to ensure that glass installations in your home do not break spontaneously, try to be more careful with the edges during the framing process.

Tempered glass is also a great option for such things as there is a reduced risk of spontaneous breakage and shattering. Proper installation is also important because spontaneous breakage often comes as a consequence of amateur handling of the glass. 

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Now that we have debunked the myths about frameless glass installation, let’s recall. Frameless glass installation provides a wide range of benefits such as safety, heat resistance, and aesthetics appeal. In order to make the most out of your frameless glass installation, we recommend using our services. Shower Doors of Austin is a well-renowned glass company that offers specialized engineering, reliable structural integrity, and unparalleled experience in glass installations. 

With custom mirror installation and hower doors installation in Austin, we ensure that your safety and security are never compromised.

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