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Simple Ideas to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom on a Budget

A woman enjoying wine in a bathtub

Your bathroom is the place where you go to blow off steam. A place of escape to recuperate after a long, draining day. Whether you're taking a bubble bath or shower to regain your spirits, your bathroom has your back.

It only makes sense to create your oasis instead of going to a spa. Why do you go to a spa anyway? To immerse in the mood-lifting lighting and good music and escape from reality. How about you bring all that to your bathroom on a budget?

This comprehensive guide has carefully curated some ways to give your bathroom a spa-like glow-up without spending a fortune. Find your inspiration!

Key Takeaways From A Spa

A trip to any spa rejuvenates, relaxes, and pampers you. Spas center the experience on creating a serene environment where people can escape and unwind. You'll find:

  • Indoor planters
  • Soothing lights
  • No clutter
  • Calming design elements
  • Scented candles

Reimagine your own personal sanctuary that melts away your stresses. All you need are simple tweaks here and there, and voila: you have a spa-like bathroom!

Idea #1: Swap Bathroom Fixtures, Knobs, and Handles

Does your bathroom look dated, dingy, and cluttered? It's probably because of the bright chrome vanity cabinet pulls and faucets. These builder-grade fixtures make any bathroom look like it's in a 1980s time warp. The cherry on top: these fixtures and handles also have water spots like your friendly Dalmatian.

Instead, you can zhoosh up your bathroom décor by replacing the old polished brass and chrome faucet handles and pulls with matte black, modern rose gold, or brushed nickel replacements. You don't have to spend a hefty amount on these replacements. These new finishes cut the cleaning battle in half and add a sophisticated look to your bathroom.

Idea #2: Ditch Dirty, Dingy, and Moldy Grout Joints

So what if your bathroom has scented candles, fluffy clean towels, and smell diffusers? It's all akin to putting lipstick on a pig if your bathroom has yellowed and moldy shower tile. If you want a spa-like bathroom, you need to say goodbye to anything dingy, dirty or moldy, for the love of God!

Sure, you can bleach and scrub away the mold and hurt your arms in the process, but it'll return at the speed of light. You never know what type of microorganisms are lurking within your bathroom walls.

There's a world beyond those plasticky, cheap-looking wall surrounds. A way to create a spa-like bathroom is to eliminate grout and laminate wall panels. These wall panels click, seal and lock together, but you'll need professional help.

You can take it up a notch with a textured finish, such as a rough wood shower panel. It'll blend perfectly with a frameless shower door. Check out Shower Doors of Austin's frameless glass enclosures while you're at it.

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 A white ceramic bathtub with a towel

Idea #3: Packaging Is Key Even in the Bathroom

Spas have that special effect where everything seems put together. They package everything to create an uncluttered, neat, and relaxing look. You can do the same in a smart but inexpensive way.

Avoid getting skincare and haircare products of various sizes. Follow consistent packaging by getting consistent containers to put your products in. Invest in a label maker if you want to go far. You can create personalized, one-of-a-kind packaging with a label maker.

Idea #4: Use Textures or Colors to Inspire or Relax You

Observe your favorite spa. What type of textures and colors inspires you there? Is it a nautical blue or a bright white? Are you more inclined to smell cedar or a wood texture? Bring the same textures and colors to your personal space.

It would help if you created a holiday hub in your home. You can paint your bathroom walls soft beige or bright white. Add a rug for some splash of colors. Please avoid using a dingy bath matte you found at a nearby dollar store. Alternatively, you can use printed wallpaper.

Your bathroom should be uncluttered and simplified, but most importantly, it needs to be an extension of your personality and what inspires or relaxes you.

Idea #5: Create A Shower Area

A massive walk-in shower sounds like a good idea but won't it look out of place in a 5' x 8' bathroom? Not to mention the added cost!

There's another simple and affordable way to enjoy what you have without needing something bigger. A rain head can do the trick, and no, these aren't the old, lousy rain heads that did a bad job at rinsing the soap off.

Thanks to the air-infused invention, the modern rain heads don't cost you a fortune and instantly create a spa-like moment when you shut the door to the rest of the world.

A newly-installed shower head in a bathroom

Idea #6: Say Goodbye to Darkness, Your Old Friend

Dark bathrooms are a health hazard. They increase the chance of injury due to slips and falls. Bad lighting in a bathroom not only affects the functionality but also influences your mood.

Your bathroom needs to have multi-faceted lighting. Something that you can control depending on your mood. Discover various ideas to improve the flow of natural lighting in your bathroom. You can add a skylight, solar light tube, transom window, LED mirrored cabinet, wall sconces, or large mirrors to reflect light.

You can find frameless, standoff, floating, and framed glass mirrors for your bathroom at our store. Mirrors have the ability to create an illusion of enlargement even in smaller spaces. You can easily maximize the brightness in your bathroom using mirrors.

Idea #7: Think About All Your Senses

The reason spas create a fulfilling, and immersive experience is because they target all your senses. Your bathroom should do the same and with little budget.

First, kick up the sense of touch by investing in better-quality towels. Something that isn't harsh on your skin. Next, focus on your visual sense by investing in indoor plants such as orchids, bromeliads, Aloe Vera, snake, bamboo, and spider plants. Don't get intimidated by their names.

Then, bring in scented candles and get rid of your old reed diffuser. Scented candles can enhance your sense of smell and let you relax.

You can also stimulate your visual sense with ceiling lights. Add a chandelier above your tub or in the bathroom's center. If chandeliers are out of your budget, you can go for filament lights. They look equally gorgeous and set the mood for a calming bath.

Idea #8: Change Shower Flooring

Do you wish to relive the time you visited a romantic resort? You can rekindle the flame right from the comfort of your home. Teak your shower area's flooring for a rustic look. A rustic floor setting looks neater than a mosaic, marble, or granite floor.

Teak is a viable type of wood, unlike other woods that are tricky to use in a high-moisture area and can cost you a fortune. Be sure to look out for soap scum to sustain your floor's shine.

Pro Tip: Use a soft-bristled cleaning brush and water. Scrub the floor gently to remove any soap scum from the teak floor.


Idea #9: Befriend Greens and Whites

If you want to imitate the tranquility of a spa, you may want to consider greens and whites in your bathroom space. If your bathroom doesn't have room for a freestanding bathtub, you can try other alternatives such as white accessories, walls, and linen. The color white tends to brighten up any space and bring a sense of calm.

The green color in any form does the trick just right. Whether you add a small pot, a larger planter, or add green accessories, it'll create a spa-like, relaxed environment in your bathroom.

Idea #10: Practice the Art of Minimalism

Cluttered bathroom space is a major no-no. Jam-packed cabinets and cluttered countertops are anything but spa-like. Get rid of clutter if you want to streamline your bathroom space like a spa. Look for expired and empty products.

Restock fresh items but when you do, display only the ones you regularly use, whereas neatly tuck away the rest in the cabinet, basket, or drawer. Use your open storage and countertop for everyday essential items only.

Idea #11: Incorporate Bathroom Storage

You're not responsible for cleaning a spa, but you're responsible for keeping your bathroom clean and uncluttered. Therefore, it's important to consider bathroom storage, so it's easy to maintain.

Incorporate bathroom storage beside drawers and cabinets. For instance, you can use shelves, mount hooks, baskets, and any furniture that can boost the organization inside your bathroom.

You can store similar items together and use smaller containers to divide the items into sub-categories. This will give your bathroom a put-together, stress-free feel.

Idea #12: Install A Frameless Shower Door

Whether you're looking to remodel your bathroom or searching for ways to revamp it without affecting its structural integrity, frameless shower doors can help.

A frameless shower door is versatile and offers a better range of motion. Unlike a framed door that opens outward, frameless doors open both ways, so you get to save floor space. In the absence of a metal frame, these shower doors are easy to clean and seamlessly blend in with your existing bathroom décor.

Frameless shower doors come in various designs and sizes, including sliding shower doors, semi-framed doors, and your choice of glass, such as clear glass, etched, textured, rain-drop, and more.

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A frameless shower door next to a bathtub creating a spa-like vibe

Idea #13: Put A Seat in The Bathroom

Luxury spas and resorts have water-resistant seating arrangements right in the middle of the bathrooms. You can put a seat or bench in your bathroom. This will be a stylish addition to your space where you can enjoy shower spray or sit back and read.

Alternatively, you can put on a cozy seat if your bathroom space is large. A settee or a side chair can make your space look more inviting and cozy. You can position it next to your shower enclosure or tub and use it as a spot to towel off.

Remember To: pick a seat that's upholstered with an outdoor-indoor fabric to withstand moisture, steam, and little heat.


A spa-like bathroom isn't just for the famous and rich. You can create a spa-like experience within budget. Some fluffy towels, scented candles, consistent product containers, multiple storages, plants, and better colors can instantly revamp your bathroom.

You can also change the flooring of your shower area, put a cozy seat or bench, install a shower door or pick wallpaper. These solutions are easy for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Finally, you can add better lighting fixtures to bring life to your otherwise small, dark bathroom. Don't forget to declutter and eliminate grout and mold.

Spruce Up Your Bathroom with Glass

The best way to create a spa-like experience at home is by using interior glass solutions. Shower Doors of Austin offers interior glass installation services to homeowners, remodelers, builders, and interior designers.

We have a team of shower glass experts in Austin who are ready to assist you on your journey to revamp your space. We offer custom sliding shower doors, frameless glass shower doors, and custom shower glass and shower door installation services in Austin.

Frameless shower door with tinted glass

At Shower Doors of Austin, we also offer complete indoor glass solutions, including glass tabletop, kitchen cabinetry, custom wine room, stair rail glass, and more.

You can explore our portfolio for further inspiration. Alternatively, you can request a free estimate over the phone, online, and on-site. Our field technician will offer you accurate and fast measurement and pricing estimates.

Contact us for further information!

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