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Is Your Shower Safe? Health & Safety Considerations to Keep in Mind

Safe shower

Do you have a safe shower setup? Many individuals don’t consider safety when it comes to showering and bathing. However, this overlooked aspect can help raise severe hazards that can harm your health and physical well-being.

This blog post discusses different health and safety considerations regarding your shower and how to deal with them timely and effectively.

4 Health and Safety Concerns Regarding a Safe Shower

Your shower setup and structural details can present dangerous situations for your physical well-being. However, shower safety goes beyond these issues, and health concerns are also prevalent with showers.

Here are four health and safety hazards that may compromise your safe shower routine. We also discuss their solutions to help you decide your next move.

1. Contaminated Water Supply

Have you ever thought about how many contaminants you contact in each shower? This issue is common around areas with improper plumbing lines and poor water quality.

Contaminant water is home to several bacteria, which can pose countless health issues. Some common issues include gastrointestinal problems, respiratory problems, skin infections, etc. Water samples with high lead content have also been deemed hazardous for individuals as they can damage nerves. High chlorine levels in most showers are also responsible for skin and eye irritation and respiratory problems.

To fight off this issue and make your shower safe, consider getting your home water supply tested by professionals. You can learn about various contaminants present in your home water supply. Moreover, you can then call a plumber to install a water treatment system that’ll catch the contaminants and deliver safe water.

Safe shower

2. Contaminated Shower Heads

As the contaminated water supply reaches your shower head, it pollutes this structure. Hence, even installing a water treatment system, you’re prone to getting contaminated water.

To erase this issue, you must choose a showerhead with a built-in filter that can catch all the impurities in the water. Some filters use activated carbon to remove impurities, while others use ceramic balls to filter out bacteria and other harmful substances.

Whichever showerhead and filter you choose, replace it every six months or a year. The filters are only reliable for a limited time, and further usage can bring the same contaminated water to your shower.

Safe shower

3. Mold and Mildew Growth

Wherever there’s moisture, the chances of mold and mildew growth increase. Therefore, your shower is highly susceptible to this issue which you must pay attention to.

Mold and mildew are common types of fungi found near moisture. These fungi grow especially in areas with less light and ventilation. Mold and mildew make your shower look visually unappealing and unhealthy.

In addition, mold and mildew can pose various threats to your health, including respiratory problems, skin infections, and exacerbated allergies.

Hence, to ensure that your shower isn’t polluted with fungi, you must ensure proper ventilation around the bathroom. Doing so will help water dry up easily. When fungi don’t get damp spaces to multiply and grow, they’ll appear less.

Another way to ensure keeping your shower clean from mold and mildew is by choosing the right materials for your shower’s structure. Plastics are more susceptible to mold as compared to glass shower doors. Austin residents mostly opt for glass to ensure a clean environment.

Due to the presence of water in your shower and around your bathroom, you’re more prone to slips and falls. Not only do these accidents lead to painful injuries or long-term fractures, but they also take a toll on your livelihood.

For instance, a person who falls in the bathroom and has a leg fracture won’t likely return to work for weeks, resulting in a loss of wages. Moreover, if your injuries cause you to become bedridden, they can affect your mental health too.

To ensure you don’t face one of these situations, you must be selective in the materials used in your bathroom. Using slip-resistant tiles and grab bars can be wise.

Furthermore, replace your elevated bathtub with seated showers. For showers, the ideal designs are glass shower doors. Austin architects ensure installing only safe solutions and materials for their clients.

Safe shower

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A safe shower is possible only when you know the dangers and potential threats around the structure. People do pay attention to what meets their eye. However, hidden issues such as contaminated water and shower heads are more dangerous for your health.

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