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Everything You Should Know About Installing Custom Glass Shelves at Home or Work

Everything You Should Know About Installing Custom Glass Shelves

Many people shy away from glass furniture because of its fragility, but one cannot deny the beauty glass brings into a room, especially custom glass shelves. A glass shelf accentuates any piece of décor put on top of it, allowing expensive pieces to stand out even more. One cannot deny how surreal these glass shelves make objects look, almost like they are floating mid-air.

Whether you want to install custom glass shelves at home or work, we think it is a brilliant idea.

However, how high do glass shelves need to be put up? Would metallic or wooden shelves work better in a workplace than glass? Here are some things you need to consider before installing custom glass shelves:

1. Where You Want to Install the Glass Shelf

Interior glass installation Austin can feel tricky, but one way to ensure that you do not make the wrong decision is by deciding what room you want to install the glass shelf before purchasing it.

Will the glass shelves be installed in a room at your house or workplace? The kind of business you have will be the deciding factor to whether you should install custom glass shelves or go for a studier option.

Glass shelves have an aesthetic value that cannot be replaced by any other material. However, if your business does not require a high level of aesthetics, you can ditch the glass and get a shelf made with something easier to maintain. Since glass shelves are not sturdy, you should choose something that will not become an inconvenience.

2. The Kind of Business You Have

Think about the kind of clients that walk into your office on a daily business. Considering their thoughts, do you think they would like the idea of custom glass shelves?

If your demographic consists of adults who notice the aesthetics of a place before making a decision to make a purchase, custom cabinet glass Austin would be a great idea. It will help individuals view your brand as aesthetic and style- the exact vibe they are going for.

Similarly, a social-media crowd would appreciate the beauty of a glass shelf. The key is to use your design skills to come up with a custom shelf that will accentuate the existing beauty of your store. You can also create an Instagram-worthy spot and encourage individuals to take pictures with your custom shelves!

However, if your everyday customers include toddlers who like running around and bumping into things, glass shelves could become a safety hazard.

3. Foot Traffic

Foot traffic not only refers to the number of people in and out of your shop and house daily, but it also includes areas that people are more likely to pass through often. If you look at how certain spaces are affected by the ins and outs of individuals, you can understand which areas people like to linger in more often.

Even though glass shelves and glass table tops Austin can be installed practically anywhere, it would be better to install them in an area that does not see tens of people daily. This will ensure that a customer or house member does not accidentally bump into and break one of your pricey, aesthetic shelves.

4. Items Placed on Top of the Shelves

One of the most important things to think about is what will be placed on top of the glass shelves. Whatever objects you are planning to use must be weight-appropriate. Since glass is already fragile, you cannot place anything too heavy on the shelves. Moreover, we recommend against placing moving hazards or any other object that can damage the glass surface.

Look for light and safe objects- custom glass shelves are beautiful to look at, so even someone minimal will enhance their beauty.

5. Cleaning

Even though they are delicate, if you take care of them, glass shelves can last a long time. The only thing you need to do regularly is to check the supports and bases of the shelves to ensure that they are working properly.

Moreover, if hanging shelves are placed in an area with lots of foot traffic, remember to check the wall attachments to ensure they are not damaged.

Floating mirrors Austin and glass shelves do not cost a lot to maintain, and they are super easy to clean, especially when compared to metallic or wooden shelves!

Do You Want to Install Custom Glass Shelves at Home or Your Office?

Custom glass shelves will make a beautiful addition to any space. However, you must ensure that you choose experienced companies who will use the best, high-quality materials to make your shelves.

Go Frameless Austin is an experienced company that will ensure that your shelves are installed properly and sturdy enough to tolerate impact.

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