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Do Frameless Doors Leak?

Frameless glass shower door

Frameless shower doors are specifically designed to prevent water from leaking out of the shower area. They have very small gaps on the sides, and in the hinges, so water is highly unlikely to pass through unless the shower is directly pointed at the seams.

However, structural issues or damages can still cause leaks. Luckily, a few simple solutions can fix frameless glass shower door leaks. This guide will discuss these solutions.

Look For The Leak

Before repairing your leaking frameless glass door, the first step is finding out where the leak is. It may leak at the bottom, or you may find dripping water on the side along the hinges.

Though the leak may be small, over time, you'll find watermarks, rust in the metal hinges, and mold in the corners. So this problem must be addressed immediately.

The Direction Of Water Flow Toward The Shower Door

If you have frameless shower doors, make sure that the water flows away from them. Since these thick glass panes are secured with hinges, water spraying in their direction will escape the shower enclosure.

If water splashes in every direction, you can have shower door seals installed onto the glass panes. Though these seals are easy to install, they can affect the look of your frameless shower doors. Caulk or silicone can also be used to waterproof gaps in frameless shower doors.

Shower Floor Sloping Outward

This is one of the most common reasons why frameless shower doors leak. During a bathroom remodel, make sure that your shower installer or manufacturer understands the layout. The shower floor should be slightly sloped to direct water toward the drain.

In case of an installation error or manufacturing defect, the floor sloping outward will cause a water seepage issue. This issue can be fixed by having your manufacturers and contractors replace your interior without additional costs.

Fixing Leaks Under The Door

Frameless glass shower doors are more likely to leak than framed doors. But framed doors usually have a corrosion problem as they have more metal. If water leaks through the space under the door, installing a shower door sweep is a good option.

Choose a shower door sweep made from high-quality polycarbonate material designed to be clear and seamless to prevent leaks. These fixtures also have a strong grip, so they can easily attach to the door's bottom.

Frameless glass shower door

Fixing Leaks on The Doors' Sides

If your frameless glass shower door is leaking on either side of the glass, fix this issue by sealing the gap between the adjacent glass wall and the door. Installing a shower door side seal will help prevent leaks.

These door seals are available in a wide variety, such as pre-taped, push-on, and others with double-sided tapes.

Tips for Installing Glass Seals and Sweeps

When installing shower door seals, measure the door's height before cutting the seal. You can use a pre-taped seal, an un-taped seal, or a sweep which can be fixed with a double-sided tape. When cleaning the sweep and seal, use an effective glass cleaner that gives them an ideal clarity and removes staining, etching, as well as water spots.

Cleaning glass shower door

Cleaning Frameless Shower Doors

Use a simple water and vinegar solution to clean your frameless shower doors. Spray the mixture onto the glass and let it sit for a few minutes. The next step is to wipe it with a soft cloth, newspaper, or a paper towel to get a streak-free shine, or rinse it with warm water.

While cleaning, make sure you don't exert extra pressure on the glass as this may loosen up the door's hinges and edges and cause it to topple over.

Once you locate the leakage and determine the problem, you'll need to replace some of the door's components. However, if the issue gets worse, the shower door will need to be replaced. Head over to Shower Doors of Austin for quality shower door replacement and installation services.

Glass shower door

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