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Decorating With Mirrors: How To Use Them In The Bedroom

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Mirrors are one of the best tools used in interior design. They can completely change the way that you look at rooms and spaces. Not only are they extremely practical, but they also decorate the room in a personalized way. Mirrors are available in all shapes and sizes, making them versatile pieces in your home. Frameless and framed glass mirrors can change your bedroom space significantly.

You can often allow mirrors to work with the light filtering into your bedroom to maximize their use. If you're thinking about decorating with mirrors in the bedroom, we have tips for you.

Decorating Mirrors in the Bedroom

1. Place Mirrors in Opposition to Windows

One of the best ways to decorate a bedroom is by filling it with light. Positioning your mirror the right way is extremely important to allow light to come in at all times of the day. If you have a small bedroom, then positioning the mirror in front of your window can significantly enlarge the perceived size of your bedroom. It's also a great way to save money on electricity during the day, as it will brighten your room immediately.

2. Use Antique Mirrors

If you want to bring more character into a room, it may be valuable to introduce vintage mirrors to these spaces. Most experts say that keeping a smaller mirror in nooks around your bedroom can add more depth to the space. It's a decorative item that will also serve a purpose when you're running late and want a glance in the mirror. Most people keep these antique framed glass mirrors on shelves or cabinets, which is an unusual place for many.

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3. Examine the Glass-Style

Putting mirrors in the bedroom will have you consider many different elements in the mirrors. There are obvious things like dimensions and shape, but another important feature is the frame of that mirror. If you think the frame doesn't match your room, then you might as well customize it. It would help if you also looked at the appearance of the glass and whether it's cohesive with the overall vibe of your room.

Your frameless glass mirrors are also supposed to be decorative pieces, so think of them critically, and if there's an older glass-style that you don't think matches your bedroom's vibe, don't opt for it.

4. Overlap if You Have To

It would be best if you didn't worry about using mirrors at decorative pieces in symmetry. You can overlap different decorations over the mirrors as well as long as there is a sliver that continues to shine through. If there's a massive hanging mirror, you can always add more features like fake vines across it and make it more decorative. You'll be fine if you have enough space to look through.

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5. Use Tall Mirrors

Elongating or enlarging your room is possible if you introduce more vertical mirrors to your room. These mirrors provide a great space to check yourself out, and many people also use tall mirrors right next to each other to provide the illusion of space. Tall mirrors create more dimension and can open up the space and make you feel less alone in your room.

6. Use Accented Mirrors

If you want your room to have more personality, then using mirrors with accents is a positive aspect. You can mix these accented mirrors with mirrored furniture to increase the bedroom's dimensions. Mirrors in bedrooms may serve a greater purpose when they work well together.

However, you must be careful about the kind of mirrored furniture you opt for, as mirror work can easily descend from beautiful to tacky. Ensure that you're careful with your pieces so that the mirrors add to your room instead of taking away from them. We also recommend that when you're using multiple pieces, they should be basic instead of extremely intricate.

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7. Hang Intricate Mirrors as Decorative Pieces

If you have a couple of pieces that you want to include in your bedroom, but they seem too decorative, then you can hang them as art pieces. Every mirror doesn't have to be a reflective surface that you look into. Instead, you can opt for frames that elevate the room's design elements. Mirrors in the bedroom can be used as wall hangings; you don't have to worry about their symmetry. We still recommend that you get similar pieces and hang them together so that it feels like a choice instead of a piece you just left hanging.

Hang Mirrors in the Bedroom With Go Frameless Austin!

If you can't find the perfect mirror for your bedroom, you might as well opt for a custom one. Go Frameless Austin can help you with custom mirrors that meet all your needs. You can choose the material you'll opt for, including custom interior glass or etched glass. For more products like custom cabinet glass, custom wine rooms, and etched glass in Austin, contact us today!

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