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Can Water Damage the Glass Shower Door? A Discussion

Water damage to glass shower door

When you got your glass shower door built, you must have fallen in love with the modern and sleek appearance it gave your bathroom. However, as the weeks and months passed, you might have noticed a thin residue accumulating on the glass door.

It results from minerals sticking to the door after your shower's water droplets evaporate. It may come off as a surprise to many, but your shower door can be impacted by both hard and soft water. Thus, it requires proper maintenance.

While there is no ratio of water damage to glass shower door, learn how it affects it.

Effects of Hard Water

Calcium, magnesium, and lime are a few dissolved minerals in hard water. While rain is gentle, it picks up a lot of minerals as it travels through the earth, enters streams, and exits your shower head.

Hard water leaves behind stained glassware, glossy shower doors, and even stained clothing as it leaves your faucets. Since soap interacts poorly with magnesium and calcium, it removes these stains and greasiness less effectively. You must have noticed when you wash your hair in harsh water, even your hair may feel sticky and dull. Thus, hard water will make your glass shower door sticky and cause a lot of buildup that you will have to scrub off.

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Effects of Soft Water

Soft water is defined as water undergoing treatment to eliminate excess calcium and magnesium. While most ions in soft water are eliminated, sodium (a negatively charged ion) remains. Your water may taste salty, significantly increasing your daily sodium consumption.

While obtaining the softest water available to prevent residue can appear advantageous, it might not be safe to consume. However, the sodium in soft water can potentially leave behind stains that resemble those from hard water.

Removing Buildup from Glass Shower Doors

A moist sponge or window cleaner cannot remove hard water spots on your glass shower doors. Try these suggestions instead:


  • Use a professional lime or calcium removal spray made especially for removing hard water marks. Avoid spraying any of these materials on the grout or stone in the shower, as it will damage them.


  • Mix a solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Then, spray it well on the entire shower glass door. Once the whole glass is covered, let the mixture sit for a few minutes and wipe it off.


  • Mix 1/3 cup of rubbing alcohol with ten drops of tea tree oil and one cup of water. Shake it well before spraying it on. Leave it for a few minutes and wipe it off.


  • Rub the shower door with a dryer sheet to remove residue from recent hard water spots without damaging the glass.


  • First, spray lime juice all over the shower door to remove lingering hard water marks. Next, apply baking soda and vinegar paste with a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse and dry the door right away. 
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Preventing Buildup on Glass Shower Doors

The following tips will help you stop the buildup from returning after you've cleaned your shower doors:


  • After each shower, clean the door. Squeegees are efficient tools for tasks. A microfiber cloth is also an excellent way to wipe down the walls and doors. It just takes a minute, but it's worth cleaning to avoid accumulation and stains. A daily shower cleanser designed to be used after each use of the shower is another option.


  • To lessen the effects of water stains, use a protective coating.


  • If you reside in an area with hard water, install water softening to reduce mineral hardness to roughly 3 GPG.


It is best not to use products for your shower doors or glass tub enclosure without consulting a glass door professional. Most shower glass door manufacturers give the glass unique coatings or finishes. If you apply certain products to clean or treat the glass doors, you might risk damaging them and losing your warranty.

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