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A Guide to Corner Shower Glass Doors

Everything you need to know about shower glass doors

Shower glass doors Austin can be installed where ever you want, including in a corner or bathroom nook. If you have a small bathroom and want to create some space, corner shower enclosures Austin is a great idea.

These consist of two walls within the shower enclosure- you can also custom-make rectangle or square enclosures. Corner shower enclosures are a wonderful space-saving tool for commercial businesses as well.

These shower glass doors are made with toughened glass- custom sliding shower doors Austin are used so that there is no need for extra space for doors. You can create a magnetic, watertight seal on the door to ensure that water does not trickle out of the shower and that your bathroom remains in pristine condition for many years.

Shower Enclosure Hardware Austin- Dimensions

Usually, corner shower glass doors have a width of between 22 to 36 inches. If the width of the shower door crosses 36 inches, you will have to invest in another door panel.

However, if you want a larger opening, custom shower glass Austin can be opted for. However, before you finalize your purchase, remember to double-check which way your shower door will swing to ensure that you have enough space.

When it comes to sliding shower doors, the usual choice is between 45 to 47 inches wide and 79 inches in length. However, you can customize the dimensions based on the size of your bathroom.

Types of Corner Shower Glass Doors

When shopping for a corner shower glass door, there are many options you will come across. Each one of these has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

1. Custom Sliding Doors Austin

Sliding doors are great for corner bathrooms bigger than the standard size. These doors include a innovative design that uses a sliding panel with a fixed panel. The sliding panel lies on rollers that come with a track. It allows access by sliding behind the fixed panel when pushed or pulled.

Most shower glass services Austin recommend having a minimum of 500 mm access space. The door must be slid behind the panel, which is why the door size should be 1000 mm.

If you use two panels, this can increase to 1700 mm with a 1200 mm width. Even though this design can be used with an alcove, bathroom designers recommend getting side panels that are 900 mm in length so that there is sufficient space for a corner shower.

Some designs also use two sliding doors that open outwards, but if you have a compact bathroom, we do not recommend this design option.

Some pros of custom sliding doors include:

  • They are great for creating a big shower area.
  • Since the door does not open outwards, it leaves enough room for the bathroom without making it feel cramped.
  • You can add a side panel if you want to boost shower space.

Some cons of custom sliding doors include:

  • The starting size you can choose is 1000 mm wide
  • The rollers get worn out with time and will need to be replaced

2. Pivot Shower Door

These doors are known as pivot doors because they have an offset pivot design. The pivot is located on the top and bottom of the shower door on the length side. This means that 75 percent of the door will open outwards, saving some space in the bathroom.

The best part is that you cannot go wrong with a pivot shower door- there are very few cases of a failed design. This is because the mechanics of the door are so simple that you can even opt for a cheap shower door without worrying about future costs.

Some pros of pivot shower doors include:

  • They are budget-friendly.
  • Since they have a simple design, you do not have to worry about anything going wrong.
  • They are great for small bathrooms

Some cons of shower doors include:

  • A large chunk of the shower door will open into the bathroom space.

3. Bifold Shower Doors

One of the oldest and most reliable designs, bifold shower doors have been around for centuries. They are commonly used in mobile homes, caravans, and residential areas. The inward opening, split-folding structure of these doors are reliable, leaving little space for complaints.

Bifold doors include a frame within a frame, which can make older models look bulky as the profile looks heavy. The inner frame of these doors must be slim, so the glass thickness you can expect is 4mm. This can cause some shower doors to feel flimsy when they are opened and closed regularly.

Here are some pros of bifold shower doors:

  • These doors are great for compact bathrooms as they can help save space.

Here are some cons of these shower doors:

  • The glass is extremely thin
  • You may not find them as attractive as other doors available in the market

4. Inswing Shower Door

If you are looking for a unique shower door design that your friends do not already use, this is it- the inswing shower door.

This door uses a unique arm mechanism that allows the door to open in the showering area. When you enter the shower and close the door, it will wrap around you. Based on what you want, you can completely enter the shower space or remain half in and half out.

The inswing shower door has a wandering sweeping motion, but it must be kept in mind that these fancy mechanics are expensive. To give you a rough idea, these doors can cost three times more than pivot doors. Since no doors in the market match the potential of inswing shower doors, there is not much competition in the market, giving these doors complete monopoly.

However, since the outer wall structures of these doors come pre-constructed, you will not have to spend too much time during fittings.

Here are some pros of inswing shower doors:

  • These doors are great for compact shower spaces.
  • You can choose between 700 to 1000 mm sizes.
  • The opening action of the doors is extremely smooth.

Here are some cons of inswing shower doors:

  • This design is not budget-friendly. The complicated mechanism can increase overall bathroom renovation costs.

5. Hinged Shower Doors

If you are searching for a standard door design that reminds you of your parent’s house, hinged shower doors will allow you to get that feeling. Even though there is no levered handle, all other features are the same, minus the kind of glass used.

This glass uses two clasp-style hinges to be secure to the frame. The usual thickness of the glass ranges between 6 and 8 mm.

The price and quality of the doors will depend on the manufacturers you choose to go with. You can choose brass handles or Italian hinges, but keep in mind that these will increase the overall cost of your shower area.

You will find many hinged doors as frameless shower enclosures Austin. Hinged doors are usually used in bigger bathrooms, so if you have a compact area, you should go for an in-fold or bifold shower door.

Here are some pros of hinged shower doors:

  • Frameless designs are attractive and innovative.
  • The door design is simple- they work like any other door that requires to be opened and closed.

Here are some cons of hinged shower doors:

  • When the door of the shower area is left open, it will take up more bathroom space, especially when compared to other designs.
  • These doors can be expensive if paired with suitable fittings and thick glass.

Advantages of Corner Shower Glass Doors

1. Perfect for Small Bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom in your house or commercial space, a corner shower is perfect as its dimensions can be customized instead of using ready-made showers that are made for standard bathrooms.

Your corner shower doors can be as small as 35- or 37-inches square, based on the area you want to cover. However, keep in mind that shower glass experts Austin recommend that shower spaces that are too cramped can feel uncomfortable, almost like a phone booth.

2. Can Help Give the Illusion of More Space

Since a corner shower uses less space, you will be left with more room around the bathroom to install cupboards or stands. This is also true because these showers only use two glass walls, making it easier for light to reflect on them.

Since most bathrooms are square-shaped, corner showers can easily be installed in them.

3. Available in Loads of Designs

As long as your shower area looks good, it will make any kind of bathroom look aesthetic and modern. The best part about corner showers is that you are not restricted to a set of shapes and designs.

Instead, you can choose between different types of corner showers to go with the personality of your bathroom. You can also install shower corners are new angles so that you can fit in a sink and narrow cabinet.

All you have to do is ensure that the shower door can swing at a 45-degree angle. A NEO-angle corner shower is a great idea!

You can also use a curved sliding or arc-shaped shower door so that the shower door does not swing into your bathroom and water does not seep out of the shower. Another option is a rectangular-shaped shower so you can enter the shower on the longer side.

Disadvantages of Corner Shower Glass Doors

1. Standard-Sized Showers are Small

Even though small corner showers are good, they can be super inconvenient if you take up too much space or have a big body.

To effectively and happily hop into a 36 x 36 inches shower, you must be able to fit your body into the area without hitting your elbows on both sides of the glass.

This can be inconvenient to some people, especially if you consider installing a corner shower in your guest room. Imagine the awkward moment when your guest wants to take a shower and realizes that they will not fit into the shower area you have made.

2. Difficult to Design

While there are many angles to choose from, corner showers do not leave much space for a good design. Shower glass professionals Austin will encourage you to choose this option if you do not have your heart set on glamorous shower designs.

You can design the width for your corner shower, but you must also consider the space and likelihood of water gushing out. It almost seems like too much brain power to use to design a corner shower when everything seems to be going against you.

3. Framed Shower Enclosures Austin Uses Bulky Hardware

Since frameless shower enclosures Austin requires a higher budget, especially if you are trying to lower your renovation costs, you are more likely to choose framed shower doors. These use a stainless-steel framing so that the glass is thin.

One cannot deny that the beauty of a framed corner shower does not compare to that of a frameless shower. While it costs less, it definitely lacks aesthetics and can give an old-school look to your entire bathroom.

4. A Taller Curb Will Need to be Installed to Ensure Water Does Not Overflow

Since corner showers do not use too much space, they are more likely to overflow when the drain gets clogged, as the water does not have any other place to go.

To deal with this common problem, shower door specialists Austin recommend getting a full-height curb that is four inches tall for corner showers.

Even though this may raise costs, it is definitely better than having water on the bathroom floor. If you are not careful, the water can overflow and find its way to your room.


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