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Frameless vs. Framed Shower Doors—Which One’s Better for Your Bathroom?

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Frameless shower doors have recently gained much popularity for their aesthetic appeal and convenience, but framed ones are also in. Many people, unaware of the differences between these two, are confused when choosing glass shower doors for their bathrooms. As shower door specialists in Austin, we have compiled a frameless vs. framed shower doors guide to share the basic differences between the two types and list their pros and cons to help you decide which one's better for your bathroom.

Frameless vs. Framed Shower Doors

What is a Frameless Shower Door?

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A frameless wall has no visible structure or joint on the outside of the door, making the accumulation of lime deposits and soap scum almost impossible.

Indeed, these shower doors offer a clean look consisting of a simple glass plate equipped with a handle to control its opening. Without frames, these doors can be easily associated with all types of bathrooms. You can opt for plain, unadorned glass or strips of clouded glass that conceal the shower's interior. You can also choose a hammered or grained glass shower door that adds extra texture while remaining understated. Thus, frameless shower doors offer a minimalist design to any bathroom.

The transparent glass will visually open up the bathroom and make it look more modern and spacious. However, a frameless shower door is more expensive than a framed one. As a solution, there are semi-frameless shower doors that have all the advantages of the two types. In a semi-frameless door, an aluminum frame is attached around the glass door's perimeter (above or below) but not on all sides, as with a fully framed wall. Thus, a portion of the frame remains but is much more obscure than a completely framed door.


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  • A frameless shower door is an innovative solution that fits perfectly into any bathroom interior, giving it modernity and exclusivity. The lack of frames and additional accessories make them simple, elegant, and the most favored glass shower type, ideal for all bathrooms.
  • A common myth about frameless shower doors is that they are very delicate. However, this type of glass shower door is highly durable and safe as it is made of shatter-resistanttempered glass, additionally supported and reinforced by handles.
  • Frameless shower glass doors feature an unusual design that offers exclusivity and optimal ergonomics. Your Shower Door Company in Austinoffers a multitude of design styles, sizes, and configurations, from which you can choose according to your preferences. You can also add handles or hinges or opt for a budget-friendly semi-frameless style.
  • Frameless shower doorsalso have different opening options. A frameless pivot glass shower door with hinges can be opened in any direction, in or out of the shower area. Framed shower doors do not offer this convenience and can be opened in only one direction.
  • Frameless shower doors are easy to clean due to the absence of a frame. There are fewer chances of soap scum accumulation as frameless doors have no cracks like framed ones.
  • One of the biggest advantages of frameless shower doors is that they offer spaciousness to your bathroom. Such a door offers a clearer view of other bathroom details, such as the marble tiles or brickwork installed in your shower area.


  • Frameless shower doors are more expensive than framed ones.
  • The carry a little risk of rupture if the recommended heat and pressure requirements are not respected.
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  • The glass structure thus allows a wide variety of designs and configurations. No matter the size or configuration of your bathroom, a framed glass door allows for all aesthetic fantasies.

    An aluminum structure is fixed around each exterior part of the glass shower door. Although this type is less expensive than frameless walls, framed doors are being used less and less these days due to their "heavy" aesthetics. In addition, the metal frames make them more difficult to clean because mold accumulates between the glass and the frame.


    • One of the biggest advantages of framed doors is their attractive price. Framed shower doors are less expensive, almost 10-15% less than frameless doors. Many people with a tight budget prefer this option over going completely frameless despite the exclusivity the latter offers. However, semi-frameless doors have solved this issue, allowing homeowners to enjoy the benefits of the two types: the elegance of the frameless and the budget of the framed doors.
    • These shower doors characterize the greatest tightness when opening and closing and prevent water leakage, offering maximum waterproofing.
    • Framed shower doors come with metal rods in a brushed or chrome finish and can be easily associated with different decorationstyles, from contemporary to traditional.


    • Framed doors are hard to clean and maintain due to the metal frames around the glass. Soap scum and water can accumulate around the frame, causing mold and metal frames to corrode.
    • The metal frames around the glass look outdated and can affect the aesthetic appealof a modern bathroom. Therefore, more and more homeowners prefer frameless glass shower doors today.
    • Framed shower doors only open outwards, which is a limiting feature.

    Now that you know the differences between the two styles and the pros and cons of each, you can talk to shower door experts in Austin to discuss your preferences and the bathroom design you want.

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    We hope the above frameless vs. framed shower doors guide has helped you choose the right option for your bathroom. If you've decided to choose a frameless shower door, contact Shower Doors of Austin. We are a leading team of shower glass professionals in Austin who have been offering customized solutions to their clients for years.

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What is a Framed Glass Shower Door?