ShowerGuard Glass

Factory-Sealed, Low-Maintenance Glass

When choose glass for your new shower door or enclosure, you may want to consider one of the more unique options in glass technology: Guardian’s ShowerGuard glass.


Ordinary glass is prone to damage and aging from hard water, soap, humidity, and more. But ShowerGuard glass is an entirely different kind of glass that's sealed during manufacturing with a patented ion beam process. This technology permanently fuses an invisible protective coating to the glass surface for a shower that stays beautiful, shower after shower, with just a minimal amount of cleaning. 

How ShowerGuard Works

Regular glass appears smooth, but a magnified view shows the surface is surprisingly rough, with nicks and fissures that can attract minerals dissolved in hard water. These minerals can build up over time and dull the surface, clouding the clarity of your glass. ShowerGuard glass stays beautiful because its surface is permanently sealed, filling those fissures stopping corrosion before it can start. And unlike spray-on or wipe-on treatments that eventually wear off, the protection provided by ShowerGuard glass is part of the glass itself, so it never needs to be reapplied.

Showerguard Glass Types


showerguard glass Benefits

  • protects from corrosion, staining, and etching
  • resists dirt, soap, and mineral build up
  • easy to clean surface, reduces maintenance
  • permanent solution, no reapplication needed
  • no proprietary cleansers required
  • limited lifetime warranty


Low Iron



Diamon-Fusion Sealant

Economical Glass Protection

Shower Doors of Austin offers the Diamon-Fusion® protective coating system, a perfect choice for glass projects calling for economic solutions. Applied during installation, this option requires only basic maintenance to provide a long-lasting, high-quality seal.

What is Diamon-Fusion?

This world-class coating makes glass surfaces easier to clean, increases brilliance, creates a more hygienic surface, and eliminates the need for harsh and harmful cleaning chemicals. It also makes surfaces more scratch and impact resistant. By reducing cleaning by up to 90% and improving the appearance of the surface, Diamon-Fusion makes your life easier and more beautiful. 


Diamon-Fusion uses a two-stage nanotechnology process. The chemical reaction created in the first stage causes a "cross-linked" and "branched" ultra-thin silicone film to be grown from below the surface out. The second stage "caps" the entire chain of atoms. This unique capping substantially increases the ability of the surface to repel water and leaving, chemically speaking, no points of attachment for contaminants. Through simple neutralization, all chemicals become inert within a few seconds. No curing time is needed since the chemical reaction itself occurs in less than two seconds.

The resulting coating is an ultra-thin protective layer of optically clear material which makes the surface significantly easier to clean and more resistant to weathering. The bond created in the patented process is a covalent bond. A covalent bond means that the coating actually shares electrons with molecules in the glass itself, thus becoming part of the glass. Covalent bonds are approximately 10 times stronger than hydrogen-bridge bonds, which are commonly used in most other water repellent coatings.