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The Top Shower Enclosures Based On Ease of Cleaning

Glass shower enclosure

Glass doors are the epitome of luxury and can give a designer finish to any bath if kept clear and shiny. When choosing one, you’ll need to consider various factors such as your lifestyle, the bathroom’s dimensions, cleaning and maintenance, as well as budget.

Since these units are constantly exposed to soap deposits and lime-scale buildup, they need extra time and effort for cleaning.

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel or this is your first time buying shower glass doors, choose a shower enclosure that simplifies daily cleaning and is more resistant to watermarks and soap buildup.

This guide will focus on the importance of keeping your shower doors clean and classify them according to the ease of cleaning.

Fixed Shower Screen

The fixed shower screen is installed as a barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom to prevent water from splashing out into the dry area. It’s commonly used as an alternative to a shower curtain.

A shower screen features a universal design and helps create a shower space that makes it easier for people of all ages to move in and out easily. If a walk-in shower stall features a shower screen, it must ensure proper water containment.

For example, the shower floor should slope in the direction of the drain, both the shower and drain should be placed appropriately, and if your shower has a curb, its top must gently slope toward the shower space.

Shower Screen Designs

A shower screen primarily comprises a single square or rectangular panel of tempered glass. Here are some of the common designs a shower screen can incorporate:

  • Square corner design – all corners of the shower screen feature 90-degree angles.
  • Radius corner design – the shower screen’s unattached upper corner is rounded, whereas the other corners remain square.
  • Fixed design – the panel is installed and permanently fixed in one position
  • Hinged design – the shower screen is secured to the wall by hinges, so the panel can swing outward and into the bathroom. This also helps widen the shower entrance.

Care for Your Shower Screen

To keep your shower screen clean, the first step is to order permanently protected glass. This glass is coated and sealed in a way that it’s easier to clean and resistant to scratches for a long period.

Once your screen is installed, it’s better to dry it after every shower. Since tap water contains minerals and other corrosive elements, remove water droplets from the glass quickly to prevent damage and buildup. Though this is not necessary for protected glass, removing moisture promptly will improve the overall environment of your bathroom.

Fixed shower screens are the easiest to clean as they don’t have sliding systems, tracks, gaskets, openings, hinges, or wheels. The only element you need to take care of is the large panel fixed to the wall and floor. The only point of cleaning is the gasket between the tiles and the panel, especially if there’s prominent silicone residue.

Cleaning a glass shower enclosure

Swing Doors

These shower doors feature two glass panels designed to open outwards and close inwards. Cleaning swing doors is simple as you can dry or wash them while they’re open and prevent water from dripping outside the bathroom unit by closing them.

Models without top and bottom profiles (frames) are more convenient. However, drip gaskets at the bottom of the panels that prevent water from leaking outside the shower must be cleaned regularly.

Pivot or Hinged Doors (Double or Single)

Hinged or pivot doors open outwards and are easy to clean, especially models featuring slim frames. You just have to open these doors outwards, clean the internal area and then dry it off. Make sure you clean the gaskets that are commonly used on doors with few metal profiles.

A variety of shower doors are included in the hinged door category. Though these models improve the functionality of your shower space, the hinges make cleaning complicated. Avoid spraying aggressive glass-cleaning solutions on the hinges and metal profiles, as they must be treated delicately.

Metal framing of a shower enclosure

Sliding Shower Doors

Though contemporary models feature lighter frames and slim metal profiles, a sliding shower door makes cleaning more complicated. Rails at the top and bottom of the door are often visible, so they must be cleaned periodically.

Some sliding shower door models feature fixed and overlapping sliding doors, making cleaning awkward. Though this requires more time and effort, this model can also be cleaned thoroughly by using the right techniques and cleaning tools.

Clear Glass Doors

Though these glass enclosures are clear, they have a slight green tint which is the least noticeable. Since clear glass doors have a plain texture, they complement all décor styles to give any bathroom a timeless look.

By keeping your doors clean, you can display your unique shower interior featuring decorative tiles and the back of your shower. If you have a window near your shower unit, the light passing through will brighten the space.

Cleaning Clear Glass Doors

An ample amount of light in your bathroom will make even the smallest dirt spots visible, so you must keep your clear glass shower doors clean at all times. These doors require extra effort to maintain a spotless shine.

Cleaning a frameless shower enclosure

Tips for Choosing Easy-to-Clean Shower Enclosure

When shopping for a shower enclosure, it can be difficult to determine whether it will be easy to manage. However, you can consider some important factors to make an informed decision.

For instance, examine the model’s structure, frame, and profiles to check if they’re grooved or linear. When buying a sliding door, check the fixed and sliding panels by opening and closing them. You must have access to the whole glass surface while the panels are closed.

Next, check the hinges and imagine cleaning them, as this will help determine whether their maintenance is complicated or simple. Don’t forget the gaskets and ask your glass contractor if they’re easily removable for periodic cleaning and whether you can replace them. While purchasing the shower enclosure, consider procuring some spare components for later.

Glass shower enclosure

Cleaning a Shower Enclosure

Besides the glass panels, every shower enclosure has many other parts that require cleaning. For example, you must pay attention to its shower tray, metal profiles, and gaskets to ensure thorough cleaning.

Glass Panels

Glass experts recommend you should rinse and clean your shower glass after every use and d it up to prevent lime-scale, body lotion, and soap buildup. You can use special delicate cleaning products periodically to remove grease only if necessary.

Cleaning anti-limescale treated glass requires more care, so reach out to your glass contractor and follow the maintenance instructions carefully. In such cases, you must avoid using chemical detergents as they can cause damage.


If your shower enclosure has steel or aluminum profiles, use mild detergents for cleaning and dry them up quickly. Do not use harsh sponges, as they can scratch the surface. If the profiles have colored painted surfaces, use mild soap and a delicate cleaning cloth. The enclosure’s bottom profile requires the most care and should be cleaned using a small brush.


Since gaskets are made from plastic, ensure they’re kept soft and clean. That’s because they get darker and harden, which increases the risk of cracking. Though mild soap and water are enough for cleaning, it’s better to remove them (if possible) for thorough cleaning. If they’re damaged but still in contact with the enclosure, use a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to treat them.

Shower Tray

Most homeowners neglect the hygiene of their shower trays. To ensure no residue is left from the previous shower, thoroughly rinse it to prevent shampoo, lotions, soap, and oils from drying onto its surface. Each shower tray material has different maintenance instructions that you must follow.

Shower Frames

Soap scum not only affects the appearance of your glass shower enclosure but also lowers its functionality, especially if you have a framed sliding door. Grime buildup can prevent shower doors from sliding smoothly and lead to mold and mildew growth.

Moreover, aluminum frames are prone to rust and lime and calcium deposits which may require replacement to prevent glass panels from toppling.

Use hydrogen peroxide and bleach to kill mold and eliminate mineral deposits. Spray it into the cracks and gaps, let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse it with water. To access hard-to-reach spaces, use an old toothbrush.

Hardware and Seals

Without proper cleaning, the hardware and seals installed in your shower enclosure will get covered in mineral deposits, soap, scum, and mold. As a result, you may need an early shower enclosure replacement.

Moreover, seals covered in mold are less effective and a health hazard, while hard water marks on the hinges and handles affect the look of any bathroom.

When cleaning rubber seals, avoid using acidic cleaners as they will cause them to warp. Instead, use an old soft toothbrush to remove dirt carefully.

Clean and dry the seals and hardware with a microfiber cloth to prevent rust and the need for frequent deep cleaning. Avoid using abrasive cleaners such as powdered cleaners, as they can scratch the hardware and damage the shower enclosure. Abrasive cleaning tools like metal scouring pads and scrub brushes will also cause similar damage.

Metal handle of a shower enclosure

Tips for Keeping Glass Panels Clean

Proper Bathroom Ventilation

Frameless shower doors have fewer nooks and crannies, so they’re simpler than traditional enclosures. This means that they’re less likely to accumulate mold and mildew growth. However, you can’t prevent this problem if your bathroom has poor ventilation. So you must keep your window or exhaust fan open after a shower to ensure the steam escapes your bathroom quickly.


Use a Squeegee Daily

To keep your shower glass spotless, clean the surface with a squeegee after every shower. This will only take a few seconds and prevent soap and water droplets from drying and forming resistant marks. For your convenience, hand a squeegee on the glass.

Cleaning Spray

Use a cleaning spray once every week to keep your shower enclosure spotless. This will also remove any resistant marks they may have developed over time. You can also make your own cleaning spray by mixing water and vinegar in equal parts. Your glass contractor will guide you whether which glass cleaner is the safest to apply.

Magic Eraser

This type of sponge has a fine consistency that helps buff away dirt buildup and soap scum. These tools work without cleaning solutions or chemicals and are ideal to use if you need a deep clean and don’t have the time to clean your shower glass frequently.

However, using a magic eraser requires more scrubbing, but the results achieved are worth the effort.

Glass shower enclosure

Understanding the different glass shower enclosures will help you determine the most suitable option during your bathroom renovation project. Basic glass cleaning requirements are the same for every shower enclosure. However, for some models, cleaning and maintenance can be complicated. The right shower door company can help you find the ideal shower enclosure for your bathroom.

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