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Signs Its Time to Replace Your Shower Doors

A glass shower enclosure and tub in a bathroom

Most homeowners think that their glass shower doors need nothing more than regular cleaning and maintenance. But that’s not true. Since bathroom designs have drastically changed in recent years, homeowners can easily choose to replace their old shower doors with contemporary glass doors.

Like any other bathroom feature, your shower doors are susceptible to damage and scratches because of collision, corrosion, and grime buildup. That’s when you should get them replaced. This guide will further discuss signs you should consider replacing your shower doors.

Rust on Hardware

Frameless shower doors also have metal in the form of hinges and handles. Though these parts are treated and painted before the installation to prevent rust, they’re prone to rust over time.

If you find rust on your shower door’s metal components, consider having the door replaced immediately to prevent serious accidents. Rust can loosen the metal components, causing the shower door to topple over.

Glass Discoloration

It’s easy to keep your new glass shower doors clean, however, over time, dirt, mold, and soap will create layers of scum and cause glass discoloration. At this point, even regular cleaning and scrubbing can’t remove film buildup or hard water stains, so it’s best to have your shower door replaced. Glass doors only look visually appealing when they’re clear.

Puddles on The Floor

If the outside of your shower stall is wet after use, it means that the seals and gaskets aren’t working properly. This lowers their ability to prevent the water from leaking. Leaks in your frameless glass shower door are hazardous as they can cause anyone to slip and damage the flooring over time. You can fix this problem by hiring a glass expert to replace your shower door.

Glass shower door

The Door Doesn’t Close Properly

Before installation, the glass shower door is cut according to the available space. If the door is making unusual noises or is difficult to open or close, its fittings may be wearing out. This may cause your shower door to chip or crack at any time. To prevent this from happening, hire a glass contractor for shower door replacement services.

Physical Damage

Your bathroom is one of the most frequently used areas, and the wear and tear caused by a shower door can lead to serious physical damage, such as chipped glass or rusting. Opening and closing your shower door daily can crack and chip the glass, resulting in a loose panel within the frame. Moreover, if you regularly lean on the glass or shut the door too hard, it may not stay intact for a long period.

Large Cracks

Though glass shower doors are built to be strong, they’re always associated with the risk of cracking and breaking. Shower doors usually crack because of a physical impact. Small cracks and chips in glass shower doors can be repaired to prevent them from expanding, but the repaired areas will always be visible, affecting the door’s appearance.

If your shower door has a larger crack, you have no other option but to have it replaced. Once there’s a crack in your shower door, it will only get worse over time. A crack can spread further into the glass, causing it to shatter eventually.

Moreover, the heat and steam from the shower apply more stress to the crack, causing the glass to shatter while someone is inside the enclosure. To prevent serious accidents and injuries, it’s best to have the door replaced.

Glass shower door

Glass Shower Door Maintenance Tips

Once your new glass shower door is installed, make sure to keep it in good shape to extend its life and prevent signs of wear and tear.

Use a squeegee to clean your door after every shower, preventing soap accumulation, as it can lead to mold and mildew growth. Start by cleaning the top corner and bring it down the glass with slight pressure.

Make your own cleaning solution by mixing vinegar and distilled water and spraying it on the glass. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse it off with warm water or wipe it with a soft cloth.

Make sure your bathroom is well-ventilated, as this will prevent mildew and mold growth. When the shower area is not in use, keep it open to circulate air. Clean the metal tracks of your shower door with a toothbrush, as they’re prone to rust over time.


Professional Shower Door Installation

Shower Doors of Austin offers quality shower door replacement services in Austin. We believe you should only hire professionals for this job to ensure quality installation the first time.

We’ve delivered a variety of customized projects, and our glass contractors can handle all kinds of work. We also work with interior designers and homeowners to provide etched glass solutions for their home décor. Contact us for further details.

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