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Home Office Décor Ideas in 2022

work-from-home office

Been working from home lately? Chances are you already have a designated space for your office at home. But that doesn’t mean your office has to be black and white! This summer, let’s ditch the monochrome in favor of diverse color palettes. You can also choose patterns that bring more life to your home office. Something along the lines of patterned blues. Darker shades of blue are known for the touch of calmness and timeless elegance they bring to workplaces.

That would be a more modern take on a work-from-home office. If your house is more minimal, we’d suggest you opt for simpler wall décor features.

When confused about home décor material, opt for GLASS! Custom etched glass has its beauty. Have it installed in your work office right away! Shower Doors of Austin are glass specialists with glass accessories for chic home décor.

We Love an Accent Wall

An accent wall is one whose design differs from the rest of the walls in the room. Accent walls are used to add depth to rooms meant to look simpler. With a lamp or two for shaded lighting, the wall is usually left plain without many decorative elements. Its prime purpose is to lift the room mood’s feel and add a sense of dimension to simpler rooms.

Greens and blues are what we’d suggest for a new room makeover. You can even have patterned accent walls to give the office a brighter aura.

Eccentric Furniture Against White Walls

This one’s a bit more quirky but we want your home office to inspire you every single day to try something new, something fresh. Why not take some low risks with eccentric office furniture? Repurposed vintage lighting would do with workbenches and old-fashioned tables. You can go with a glossy table paint if that’s how you want to add color to your room.

A custom glass table top would look equally appealing! At Shower Doors of Austin, we help customers choose the most suitable glass for table tops. Buy unique interior glass tops from us at affordable prices.

glass table

The Office Pod

You don’t have to dedicate a whole room to your home office! Why not make a small pod capacity for your office in the corner? This will help keep all your office belongings in one place. You can even have a multi-purpose cupboard installed in the case.

Cabinet Style Furniture

This one is for people who have a lot on their plates and also for people who tend to keep their work items super compartmentalized. Cabinet-style work furniture is simply mammoth cabinet space with a workstation attached.

For custom cabinet glass and interior glass solutions in Austin, call us right away! Apart from shower door installation, we install a range of glass products in homes and offices. Some of our services include the installation of shower enclosures, custom mirrors, and stair rail glass.  

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