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Etched vs. Frosted Glass: Which One Will Work Better For Your Kitchen Cabinetry?

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If you have decided to go for glasswork for your kitchen cabinets, you’re only done with one part of the job. There are still more decisions to make. Although glass is a minimal and sleek element, there’s a variety of glass types to choose from.

This may overwhelm you but don’t worry! We’ve got your back. As glass experts, we have curated this guide for you to decide on the right type of glass for the kitchen cabinets. Will it be frosted glass or etched one?

Let’s find out.

First About Glass Cabinetry

Glass kitchen cabinets strike a balance between open shelving and solid cabinets. You want to show off your fine china dishes but also don’t want dust and debris to accumulate around the rims of your utensils. Glass cabinets are the ideal solution to that problem.

They open up your kitchen to display striking decorative and dishware items while keeping them behind the glass. Today, there’s a plethora of glass types for kitchen cabinets but frosted and etched glass mostly win the battle.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass offers a skewed and blurred vision through the cabinets. Technically, it’s a transparent glass sheet that is turned opaque. However, the glass appears translucent because the light scatters around it during the transmission.

Frosted glass has that amicable effect that keeps any space brighter. Getting frosted glass cabinets will make your kitchen look friendly and it also maintains privacy so you can keep your dishware and decorative items hidden.

Etched Glass

Etched glass or sandblasted glass is decorative glass. It also obscures the vision but unlike frosted glass, etched glass can carry light and filtration. While frosted glass is simple, etched glass has patterns or designs etched onto it for decoration purposes. Etching is done by machine or hand and it is used for kitchen cabinets, glass doors, pantry doors, and even drinkware.

One of the best things about the etched door is that you can get the level of opacity and gradient that you like. It doesn’t wear, peel or chip and so it retains its appeal over time.

Frosted vs. Etched Glass

Frosted glass complements modern kitchens. It’ll add a sleek and cool vibe to your kitchen space. You can get away with some untidy and mismatched dishware or tumblers. Frosted glass is a simplistic solution to untidy cabinets.

However, if plain frosted cabinets don’t pique your interest, you can opt for etched glass cabinets. You’ll have more freedom to design patterns on the glass. It also enhances the visual appeal of the kitchen cabinetry which is the whole point of your remodeling and renovation project.

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Get Frosted or Custom Etched Glass for Your Austin Home

Renovate your kitchen cabinetry with us! At Shower Doors of Austin, we offer custom etched glass, frosted, rain glass, low-iron, or clear glass. As glass experts in Austin, we offer premium quality glass and assist you from delivery to installation. We also offer custom shower doors in Austin. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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