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Clear Glass vs. Starphire Glass: How to Choose Between the Two?

Clear glass shower door

When you're looking for a window or a shower door, you'll encounter two common types—namely, clear glass and starphire glass (also known as ultra-clear glass). Clear glass is known to be less expensive and generally more flexible and durable than that starphire glass. It is also the preferred choice for shower doors and shower enclosures in Austin.

Shower door installations and windows are an investment sure to improve your home's value while also making your home more enjoyable and attractive. This is why you must consider all the options and weigh the pros and cons to make an informed decision.

Here's what you need to know about starphire and clear glass before making a decision:

How are They Different?

The main difference between clear and starphire glass is that clear glass is more transparent than that starphire. Light can pass straight through clear glass, whereas light must pass through a film of chemicals in starphire glass to reflect off the outside surface.

Due to the different manufacturing processes of both glass types, starphire glass is known to be more expensive as it takes more chemicals and energy to make the glass.

Performance of Starphire vs. Clear Glass

In terms of performance, starphire was developed only five decades ago. It's thinner than that clear glass because it requires less energy to produce. Therefore, it is also deemed to be the less durable option.

With regards to UV ratings and heat transfer, clear glass is known to be the most impact-resistant and reduces heat transfer from the outside to the inside. In contrast, the ultra-clear glass window or starphire has relatively higher heat transfer performance.

Tint in the Glass

Unlike its name, clear glass isn't completely clear. Upon closer inspection, you'll notice a slight green tint that makes the glass more prominent from different angles and gets darker with time. The green tint is the result of iron oxide that is present in the clear glass.

On the other hand, with starphire glass, due to its low-iron content, the glass is completely transparent. The view of your shower will be completely unobstructed, allowing sufficient light to come through; however, if you prefer some privacy, this glass isn't the right fit for you.

Cost and Durability

Cost is a clear advantage of using a clear glass shower door over starphire glass. Due to the manufacturing process, the cost of clear glass is reduced.

With starphire glass, although the glass adds a degree of durability to the product, it comes at the cost of the increased price.


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