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7 Questions to Ask the Company Before They Install a Shower Door

Questions to ask before installing a shower door

Before installing a shower door, you need to research the type of doors that are trending and consider factors such as the size of your washroom, the theme, your personal preference, and your budget.

If this is your first time installing a shower door, the process can be overwhelming and challenging. You must know where to start and who to contact. The right team can make all the difference.  

Here are seven questions to ask before installing a shower door.

Seven Questions to Ask Before Installing a Shower Door

Just like before installing a new appliance, you need to have a set of questions ready to help provide you with more clarity on what you’re doing. These questions will allow you to assess the type of shower door you want and simplify the installation process.

1. What Type of Glass Shower Door Would Suit My Bathroom?  

The company will consider your current and desired design and bathroom layout before deciding on the style of glass shower door you desire. Is there sufficient room for the swinging shower door? You might also require a neo-angle door if your shower is in a corner. You may pick from various shower door designs, including swinging, sliding, and folding doors. When choosing the shower enclosure you desire, consider your available area.

2. What Type of Shower Door Will Function the Best?

It's time to think about the style now that you know what kind of glass shower door you desire. A frameless shower door is an excellent choice for a modern, minimalist aesthetic. But if you'd want extra flair, consider a chic framed shower door. The best of both worlds may be had with a semi-framed shower door. Your chosen company will guide you best.

3. Will You Update My Existing Shower or Add a Brand-New Glass Shower Door?

This must be considered because it will affect the overall bathroom style. You may get a tub/shower combo if you already have a tub. A foldable shower door could be ideal for a small shower stall.

4. What Do You Think Will Work Best With the Size of My Bathroom?

Think about your space once again. Ask the experts what they think would look best with your new bathroom design. When contacting a shower door company, you should know your shower's dimensions and all the basics so they can work with you accordingly. 

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5. What Type of Glass Door Will Look Best?

Consider the sort of glass you want after deciding on the size and design of your shower enclosure. You have various choices, including clear, slightly frosted, rain glass, low-iron glass, and patterned surfaces. You should look for images online and determine what might be useful for finding ideas.

6. Will This Fit My Budget?

Before becoming emotionally invested in a certain kind of glass shower door or any other type, it's critical to understand your budget. Inquire about the price range for shower doors and see if it fits your budget, or they can work with you on a different budget altogether. 

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You're prepared to call a shower door company once you've responded to the above mentioned queries. First, call them to determine whether they provide free on-site measurements and quotes. Then, inquire how long the procedure will take from start to finish. Your update on the shower enclosure will benefit from your knowledge of the installation procedure.


It's wonderful to choose the ideal shower door for your bathroom. Making the procedure as easy as possible will need some preparation.

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7. How Long and Difficult Will the Installation Process Take?