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7 Benefits of Glass Tabletop For Your Austin Home

Woman placing her elbows on a glass tabletop

You need low-maintenance yet stylish furniture in your home. Anything in glass is easily a wise choice when it comes to interior décor. Glass tabletops can instantly change the entire aura of your Austin home.

Glass brings a unique versatility that’s unparalleled to any other design element. If you’re still unconvinced, we’ve curated a list of glass tabletop benefits in this post.

1. They Blend Perfectly

If you decorated your home years ago, the furniture must be outdated. Adding anything new won’t necessarily fit into the existing décor. Glass tabletops are versatile because they blend perfectly with any type of interior décor. You don’t need to worry about textures or colors.

2. They Define Flooring

Unlike wooden and other tabletops, glass tabletops highlight your floor work. That’s one of the benefits of glass. It makes the flooring visible, so if you have installed marble tilework or wood flooring, glass tabletops are the best option to show off the floor work.

3. They’re Low-Maintenance

Perhaps the best thing about glass tabletops is their low-maintenance feature. Conventional tabletops suffer the most damage at the hands of spillage, stains, and scratches. They also get clouded, or you run into them. They also gather more dust than other furniture.

Wooden tabletops are high-maintenance. It’s time-consuming to clean them because of the hard texture. If there are scratches and stains, you may never get rid of them because they’re grazed to the surface.

Contrary to that, glass tabletops are easy to upkeep. It’s nearly impossible to graze their surface. The thickness makes it difficult to damage the surface. You can swipe the scratches or spots that appear on the surface using a cleaning solution with little effort. The smooth surface and lustrous texture make them easy to clean.

Another reason glass tabletops are easy to maintain is that you can easily spot a stain or scratch and get it fixed before it’s too late.

4. They’re Affordable

The glass tabletop is a cost-effective alternative to other tabletop options. You can order and get them delivered at affordable prices than a wooden glass tabletop.

5. They Brighten Up Space

The translucent glass opens up the living space. It creates the illusion of an open-plan living space which has expansive room. Metal and wooden tabletops obscure the view, but glass tabletops offer an unobstructed view of the entire room.

Result? A living space that’s more inviting, spacious, and bright.

6. They Highlight Other Features

Apart from your floor work, glass tabletops make other furniture and décor features visible—for instance, your plush carpet and woolen rug. Trust a tabletop to highlight the embellishments in your living space.

7. They’re Creatively Designed

There’s no limit to how you can be creative with a glass tabletop. You can use a metal table or wooden base. You can even turn a tree stump into a table base and top it off with a glass tabletop.

Square glass tabletop

Shower Doors of Austin offers custom glass tabletop solutions in Austin. We’ve delivered a variety of customized projects. We also work with interior designers and homeowners to provide custom glass solutions for their home décor. Contact us for further details.

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