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4 Telltale Signs You Need To Get a Shower Door Replacement

Glass shower door

Your shower room is where you blow off some steam after a long, tiring day, but how do you expect to wind down if your shower door needs an upgrade?

Your shower door wears over time. From squeaks and rusting hardware to major damage such as leaks and cracks, your shower door can start to show signs of aging. There are other signs too that can show that your shower needs replacement.

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Shower Door Replacement Signs

If you detect any of the following signs, it’s time to change the shower door.

Frosted Glass

  1. Chips or Cracks
  2. A minor scratch, pit, or a chip on your shower door isn’t that minor. They can affect the structural integrity of your shower door and eventually lead to serious shower room accidents. These cracks require immediate attention. If not, you’ll likely invite serious damage in the future, such as the entire glass may panel shattering.

    Chipping also harms the body if it comes in contact with the chips. Although repair is an option, replacing your glass door is better.

  3. Glass Discoloration
  4. Remember how your glass looked when you first installed it? It was clear, sparkling clean, and offered an unobstructed view. Even if you got a tinted or textured glass, it was shiny and clean. Does it look the same now?

    Soap scum and exposure to water lead to build-up and streaks that are hard to get rid of. Your bathroom is home to high moisture, leading to mildew and mold growth. These all lead to glass discoloration, making it look cloudy, dingy, and grungy.

    No matter how often you wipe and clean the door, it’ll look dirty because of the scum and build-up. It’s a sign to upgrade your glass shower door.

  5. Noticeable Leakage
  6. Your glass shower door’s function is to contain the water within the remit of the shower area. But if it no longer serves that purpose, your shower door isn’t watertight anymore and has lost its fit.

    Leakage happens when the door is damaged, leading to water leaking on the bathroom floor. We all know a wet bathroom floor is a hazard for people of all ages because you risk falling or slipping.

  7. Rust or Corrosion
  8. If you have framed shower door, it’s susceptible to rust. The frame includes a door frame, track, and hinges made from metal. They need proper care, but exposure to moisture is inevitable. Ultimately, the frames start to erode, causing the metal to weaken. This will affect the structural integrity of your door. Make sure you replace your glass shower door before it’s too late.

Frameless shower door

If any of the aforementioned signs ring an alarm, it’s time to upgrade your shower door. Hire us to get shower door installation in Austin. At Shower Doors of Austin, we offer custom shower door installation to ensure the door fits the bathroom setting. We also offer shower glass services. Request a free quote today!

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