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Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Perfect Wall Décor for Austin Home

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Vibrant walls are a room’s life. The moment you decide to play around with their shade, texture, and appearance is the moment you decide to add to the room’s personality. No wonder that’s what abstract art does for walls—make them look somber yet sophisticated at the same time. But your wall décor can be representative of who you are! Splash some brighter shades on your walls if you love bright colors.

With interior design patterns changing with each passing day, the wall décor market is flooding with ideas, patterns, textures, and accessories for wall décor.

Not sure about which exquisite wall décor patterns for your home? Get in touch with custom mirror installation experts in Austin to get some fresh wall décor ideas.

We have a few of those for you. Check them out below.

Photo Frame Walls for Simpler Living Rooms

We understand you never wanted a cluttered space and would appreciate as much cohesion as possible! Your go-to wall décor idea for a monotone living room should be a ceiling-high photo frame wall. Choose square or rectangular photo frames in warm colors for added symmetry to your living room walls. They can have your photos, photos of natural scenery, motivational quotes, family members, memorable events, and more!

If you’re a photography buff, make your Austin home the perfect gallery for your photos.

Custom Mirrors for a Classical Appeal

The Victorians were uber fond of mirrors. They had them on the walls of corridors, above the fireplace mantle, and in bedrooms. Mirrors on walls look traditional, aesthetic, and serene with manorial furniture to complement the wall décor. Try going for frameless glass mirrors to give a modern touch to your Austin home.

For custom mirror installation in Austin, only go for services that have extensive experience in mirror installation. Call us at Shower Doors of Austin for our floating mirror and standoff mirror installation services today.

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Rippled Wallpapers are the New Cool

Elle magazine can’t help but hype about these fantastic wallpapers introduced by Lucy Harris. You don’t have to worry about creases in wallpapers anymore because this is what a rippled wallpaper is about and is doing good business these days. You have a plethora of colors to choose from. A rippled wallpaper should be your number choice for a cinematic effect in your Austin home.


A colorful wall that narrates a certain story, or has something to say is the most appealing. Murals breathe life into an otherwise boring wall. Use contrasts and color themes to set the room’s mood with aesthetic murals.

As experienced glass specialists, Shower Doors of Austin offer a range of door glass installation services. From frameless shower doors to framed glass mirrors for interior designing, our services come with a lifetime warranty. Contact us at +1-512-831-3651 to know more about our services.

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