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Choosing the Right Glass Staircase for Your Home

glass railings for modern homes

Staircases are an integral part of domestic architecture. They connect the lower house with the upper story, one of the most noticeable components of modern homes. Experts insist the staircase provides a core design element to the entire house. You can have several staircases installed in your home. Be careful with the design and style you opt for.

If yours is a modern home, know that glass and modern interiors go hand in hand. Opt for glass railings for your home for an elegant minimalist touch.

Here’s how to choose the perfect staircase for your house.

Modern Vs. Traditional

Contemporary staircase designs are meant to make rooms look more spacious and minimal. The concept allows staircases to look less overwhelming and more integrated into the overall aesthetic. Traditional staircases designs go big on wood. The straight staircase is a more conventional design, while the curvy staircase is more modern.

You can still use glass with traditional staircases.

The Budget

Opt for staircases that suit your budget and construction deadlines. Considering the raw materials and labor, you should have a financing option in place before you go for construction. Make inquiries and ask for recommendations to decide on the staircase type.

Shower Doors of Austin is a known name for custom glass installation in Austin. Consider our stair rail glass installation.

glass staircase with wooden steps

Materials for Staircase

Based on your aesthetic, space and interior design, choose the perfect materials for your home. You can consider several options such as steel, marble, timber or concrete. Go with glass railings of considerable thickness.

Pair your staircases with custom wine rooms for a lasting touch of finesse. Click here for more details.

Family Safety

Staircases should be made with sturdy materials. They shouldn’t be slippery or have a weak glass for balustrades. To maximize family safety, don’t keep many gaps between footsteps. Go for staircase options that are easy to maintain.

Color Scheme

Your staircase can well suit your interior color scheme. If it’s glass, the stairs will do perfectly with darker shades.

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