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12 Easy Storage Solutions For Small Bathrooms

Storage for Bathrooms

The second most used room after your bedroom is your bathroom. Though we start and finish our day there, it is still the most ignored space of the house when it comes to decor. Therefore, it is important to keep it clean and havebathroom storage solutions for maximum comfort.

Why are Bathroom Storage Solutions important?

Bathrooms serve a functional purpose that we’re all aware of, and it’s where we set up our entire day. Thus, their spaces must be organized for many people with small bathrooms. Storage is a great way to include more organization in your bathroom so that your bathroom can be a place with clarity of thought.

Small bathrooms are common in metropolitan cities, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your amenities. Instead, it may be a challenge for you to develop better bathroom storage solutions.

Many people recognize that bathrooms are important for promoting mental health and self-care. Thus, having everything important in your bathroom is essential to maximize the potential of the space.

12 Easy Storage Solutions For Small Bathrooms

You must maintain storage in every part of your home, but people with small bathrooms may feel like they must constantly battle to find some space for grooming. It’s even more difficult if they’re sharing a space with a significant other or someone else since that increases the need for separate storage.

To make matters much simpler, we have listed some bathroom storage solutions that may help:

1. Apply Cubby Shelves

Sure, we used cubby holes in elementary school. But that’s also because cubby shelves are extremely good at storing objects and saving space simultaneously. There are a wide variety of cubby shelves for you to opt for. However, we recommend that you find something made of pliant material that can retract easily when not used. Cubby shelves help with an easy organization so that you can easily separate your products from your partner’s. You can also find things more quickly in the morning before heading to work.

Bathroom Organization

2. Add Storage in the Medicine Cabinet

If you have a mirror that opens up to hold medicine, you can go the extra mile and add more shelves or baskets to the mix. Your medicine cabinet doesn’t only have to hold medicine. You can add cosmetics, shampoos, and other products to the mix. If your medicine cabinet doesn’t have shelves, there are cool magnetic ones you can place inside the space and take out whenever you want. However, when you put these in, ensure there’s enough space to shut the door.

3. Invest in an Over-The-Toilet Cabinet

One of the worst aspects of smaller bathroom space is that there isn’t enough floor space for storage. However, an over-the-toilet cabinet might be one of the best ways to add more storage to your bathroom. However, you want to make sure that you get a sturdy one. Over-the-toilet cabinets must generally be higher than the rest so they can comfortably sit atop the toilets.

The best aspect of these cabinets is hiding any mess or messy products inside them. Some of these cabinets also have shelves to store decorative items for your bathroom guests. You can keep small candles and deodorants for best use.

4. Shower Door Storage Shelves

If you have a glass shower door, you can always invest in storage shelves for the toiletries you will use in the shower. There are some strong adhesives available on Amazon and other websites that help limit the clutter in your bathroom. These adhesive shelves don’t take up any floor space and are extremely easy to install and use. We recommend you opt for shelves that don’t store too much water. Wire racks or shelves are better alternatives as they’re less likely to get ruined.

Simple cabinet in a bathroom

5. Under the Sink Organizers

Regardless of how small your bathroom is, you must clean it at one point or another. Keeping the cleaning supplies in the bathroom and under the sink would be best. Using different containers for separate supplies would be best to avoid fumbling around for the right solution. A proper under-the-sink organizer helps you save counter space, so you don’t knock other things out of place while cleaning. The area under the sink can get wet due to leaks, so you want to ensure that you keep waterproof storage containers here.

6. Increase the Vertical Space

In smaller spaces, installing vertical storage that extends from the floor to the ceiling will add the allure of having a large space. Furthermore, it’s also one of the best ways to maximize storage without crowding your bathroom. You may use wood cabinets. However, custom interior glass solutions may also add to the aesthetics and function of your bathroom. However, ensure that the glass is tempered, so it doesn’t shatter on impact with other materials.

7. Camouflage Your Storage

If you want to make your bathroom looks bigger while maintaining storage, use muted colors that allow storage to blend into the background. Other more notable things can be the essence of your bathroom instead of the cabinets or shelves. Conversely, you may bring the storage space to attention by painting it a whacky color to serve an aesthetic purpose in your small bathroom.

8. Use a Towel Bar With Hooks

A single towel bar can only hold one item, i.e., the towel, at one point. However, you can use a towel with multiple hooks instead to maximize use. This increases the storage without taking up more space. The towel bar doesn’t only have to keep towels then; it can store makeup pouches or other hangings.

Towel bar

9. Hang Open Wall Shelves

You may not think that wall shelves in your bathroom make sense, but they take up no space, and you can go as high as you want with them. If you want to add to the aesthetics of your bathroom, then adding a different colored wall shelf can help your bathroom stand out. There’s no such thing as bathroom storage solutions that don’t account for looks. Open wall shelves are a notable way to store decorative pieces that bring more character to your bathroom. We also suggest you place any aromatherapy candles here when you want to relax.

10. Add an Organizer to the Back of Your Door

The back of the door is a great place to add an organizer. It doesn’t require extra space and will easily display everything you need. The back of the door is also where people don’t generally look, so you can keep things here without them being overly obvious to your guests.

You could apply magnetic strips instead of traditional organizers for all your bobby pins and metallic accessories. Strong magnetic strips could also hold hooks for your jewelry.

11. Make the Most of Your Mirror

Find a mirror that allows you to perfect your reflection and act as a storage cabinet. A regular mirror is aesthetically pleasing but limited in storage properties. You might keep all sorts of things in your mirror if you add a mirror cabinet to your bathroom. Some people use large mirrors as places to add adhesive shelves. You don’t have to let the shelf take up all the space and defeat the purpose.

12. Introduce Dividers for your Drawers

If you have a chest of drawers in your bathroom, adding dividers is a great way to  include more storage space. Dividers will allow you to designate space for all your toiletries and makeup. Many folks also store underwear in their bathroom drawers, so these dividers can suitably ensure that clothes don’t get ruined in case of a spill.

Benefits of Bathroom Storage Solutions

Bathroom storage solutions have increased since more people continue to move to urban areas for work. There are benefits of modern bathroom storage solutions. We have mentioned these below:

1. Increasing Space

You no longer have to wrestle with your surroundings to get the most out of your bathroom. You can get dressed and ready in peace. Small cramped spaces can add to overwhelming feelings; thus, modern bathroom storage solutions make us much calmer. These solutions allow you to use the space effectively and efficiently.

2. Better Organization

As the saying goes, time is money. Bathroom storage solutions ensure you leave your bathroom in record time to leave your home in time to face the world. If your bathroom isn’t organized, getting dressed in the morning will take much longer. With storage solutions, your shampoo and hair care is in the right place, along with makeup and other accessories, which increases your overall accessibility and saves you time in the morning.

Counter for cleaner space

3. Less Clutter

When you have a lot of things in a small space, it can make your bathroom look dirty and unappealing. Cluttered spaces destroy our peace of mind and make us feel more overwhelmed. Thus, reducing clutter will help you feel less stressed daily. Small spaces can make you feel suffocated and cramped, but if you store things properly, you can maintain an illusion of control.

4. Increased Safety

Bathrooms can be extremely dangerous places if you’re not careful. In these spaces, you’re introducing two things that shouldn’t mix, i.e., water and electrical appliances. Adding clutter to it is a recipe for disaster. With the proper storage solutions, there won’t be anything on the floor for you to wade through. Instead, you can move quickly without worrying about harming yourself. The organization also means that if water does accumulate, you can manage it effectively.

5. The illusion of a Bigger Space

Small spaces aren’t usually enjoyable for human beings, especially if they want to spend more time here. However, custom glass solutions can make you feel like you’re in a bigger space. You can add lights and vertical spaces so that your bathroom appears much bigger. Bathroom storage solutions also keep objects from your field of vision, making you feel that you have much more space than you do.

Shelf for reading

6. Enhancing Self-care

One of the best parts of storage solutions is that they open up space in your bathroom for self-care and aesthetics. The spaces in your home should serve you in every way possible, and with the correct storage cabinets, you can feel calm, relaxed, and taken care of in your bathroom. Storage solutions are a practical method of committing to self-care. Finding a place for your medicines takes the extra minute, but the payoff is bigger in the long run.

You could also find space to keep a shelf in your small bathtub so that you can read or watch a movie in your bathroom after a long day.

7. Better Décor

Bathrooms aren’t just about function; they should also look and appear decorative. A bathroom can say a lot about a person. Freeing up space can allow you to find ways to show your personality in your bathroom. You may hang eucalyptus leaves in the shower or introduce little ceramic cats on flat surfaces.

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