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10 Styles of Shower Doors That Are Trending in 2023

Trending shower doors for 2023

Did you know that the average American spends 8.2 minutes in the shower daily? Your bathroom is your peaceful space. Thus, if you’ve been thinking of elevating your bathroom design yet wish to remain on a budget, there are several types of trending shower doors that you can choose from.

Your bathroom might benefit greatly from an investment in a new shower door. The area will seem more contemporary and fresher and may be used practically.

Here are the ten most trending shower doors of 2023.

10 Trending Shower Doors of 2023

There are a variety of shower doors that can allow you to have more room to move around while showering and make less mess overall. Moreover, choosing a first-rate, perhaps even frameless, shower door will be an easy and more affordable option for most individuals. It will also change the overall bathroom look.

Let’s discuss the ten most trending shower doors of 2023.

1. Folding Shower Doors

For a tiny bathroom with limited space, folding shower doors are ideal. These ingenious devices have two glass panels joined by two sets of hinges, allowing them to fold into one another and move away when opened. They are half the size of conventional hinged or pivot doors!

Although they might be more difficult to clean, folding shower doors often provide full access to your enclosure and make excellent use of small areas.

2. Neo-Angle Shower Doors

A neo-angle shower door is an excellent choice for individuals looking to utilize the majority of their bathroom space. In contrast to other alternatives, it has two fixed panels perpendicular to the walls and joined by a single hinged panel positioned at a 45-degree angle, giving it an angular design and appealing appearance. The best part is that these exquisite doors coordinate perfectly with matching neo-curved pans for complete bathroom harmony!

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3. Hinged Shower Doors

Shower doors come in various styles, and hinged shower doors offer a sleek appearance that functions much like any other door in the house. They may be installed with only two straightforward hinges at almost any desired height, allowing them to match your design effortlessly.

When opened, these shower doors swing open into the area; they are ideal for bigger bathrooms but might be challenging if you require additional floor space. However, due to size or form restrictions, this design can be especially helpful in showers that cannot handle sliding bypass variants.

4. Pivot Shower Doors

Bathrooms without enough room for conventional hinged doors might benefit greatly from pivot doors. These doors provide better flexibility of movement within confined areas, such as cramped bathrooms, since they sit atop an axis point rather than swinging on hinges.

While more convenient than their competitors, pivot door installation may be expensive, so choose carefully!

5. Bypass Shower Doors

Because they don't take up any additional area in the bathroom when opened, bypass shower doors are a wonderful option for big stand-alone showers and bathtubs.

Unlike typical shower doors, these sliding models include two or three glass panels that move past one another on expertly made tracks to allow simple access to your serene haven.

6. Rounded Shower Doors

Your bathroom will seem upscale with round or curved shower doors. These rounded or curved doors come with sliding bypass tracks and adjustable hinges that may be installed on corner showers. These models are ideal for small areas because the door won't occupy much room.

You have more luxurious alternatives with curved glass than corner enclosures, so be creative!

7. Steam Door

A steam shower door is perfect for those who enjoy the idea of a steamy shower escape. This door style is normally framed and made of glass, perfect for retaining heat in a humid atmosphere.

Thanks to a steam shower door, you may experience the greatest relaxation from your steam treatment session, which stops cooled water from evaporating through tiny openings. Using a steam door has the extra benefit of eliminating fogging and preserving energy by reducing heat loss, resulting in improved thermal comfort.

Go beyond standard shower curbing and get a steam shower door if elegance and richness are what you're after, and then rest completely.

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8. Patterned Glass Shower Door

You may improve your bathroom's appearance and atmosphere by installing a patterned glass shower door. These shower doors provide you with a singular chance to alter the appearance and ambiance with various styles. These beautiful doors provide something for everyone, whether you want to make a dramatic statement with vivid colors or something more understated.

Match it with the proper hardware and finish to blend in with the other colors used in the bathroom's decor. This modification makes creating a visually attractive refuge in your bathroom simple!

9. Framed Shower Doors

Framed shower doors offer a stylish and affordable solution for those on a budget. These shower doors have metal frames and useful fixtures with in-built hinges or pivots, making them easier to install.

However, homeowners must keep this door type clean as its framed designs can be susceptible to soap residue buildup.

10. Frameless Shower Doors

By using frameless shower doors, your bathroom will appear stylish and modern. It may also increase your showering experience with the luxurious feel of frameless alternatives, all thanks to its 1/2-inch-thick glass and various designs, including bi-fold, hinged, pivot, rounded, or sliding styles!

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Our diverse selection and services offer numerous designs to meet your unique needs every time. Whether you’re looking for a custom shower door installation or frameless shower doors, shower door professionals in Austin can help. You can visit our website or call us at 512-831-3651.

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