Specialty Glass

Quick Look: Custom Etched and Frosted Glass Doors

Shower Doors of Austin provides custom glass etching and frosting for customers who want a unique look for their shower or bath enclosure. The customization is performed right here in our shop in south Austin. Here's a quick overview of the process from start to finish.

The Process

Step 1: Getting the shower door glass lined out and ready for etching is a detailed and labor-intensive process. It must be measured to perfection. 

Step 2: Once the shower door glass is lined out and measured properly, it moves into the booth to be worked on. 

Step 3: Shower glass is worked on in the booth for hours to match the look the customer has requested. 

Step 4: Once the etching is complete, we apply Diamon-Fusion. This special coating will protects the glass from hard water stains and soap scum, adding longevity to the custom etching job. 

The Finished Product

At Shower Doors of Austin, we take pride in quality shower door installation. This custom-etched enclosure turned out great and looks even better all put together in the homeowner's bathroom.

Click the photo to get a closer look.