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Pivot and Hinged Shower Doors: What is the Difference?

Hinged shower door

In the past few years, shower enclosures and cubicles have undergone several innovations, but their function has remained the same.

Pivot shower doors are another emerging design, and the major difference between them and hinged doors is that their pivot hinge is fastened on the top and the bottom, allowing a spinning motion while staying in place. Pivot shower doors are popular for their functionality as they can easily accommodate corner showers.

However, the type of shower door you choose depends on the size and layout of your shower space. This guide will discuss two of the most popular options, pivot and hinged doors, and the benefits they offer.

Pivot and Hinged Shower Doors – Basic Differences

Pivot and hinged shower doors have many similarities and are usually mistaken for the same bathroom product. Both designs are equipped with hinges, allowing the door to open and close. But hinged doors feature one or two built-in hinges secured only on one side of the shower door. This allows the door to open outwards and inwards fully.

On the other hand, hinges on the pivot door are present at its top and bottom. As the door opens, half of it moves into your shower space, while the remaining protrudes into the outer bathroom space. A hinged door consumes more protruding space than a pivot shower door.

Do Pivot Shower Doors Leak?

Pivot shower doors are designed to prevent leaks, but due to the exposure of hinges, some water is likely to pass through. A part of the pivot door opens outward while the other part opens inwards. Since a pivot door opens both ways, general maintenance and cleaning is easier.

Glass shower enclosure

Shower Tray for a Pivot Door

Though all shower pans may look the same, you can find them in several surface options, designs, and color finishes. Glass professionals recommend choosing a pan that fits well with your bathroom floor.

For example, a rectangular or square design is the most suitable for a pivot door. Homeowners must do their research to find the ideal shower pan. Once you determine the right door size, you can easily find a matching pan.

Benefits of Pivot Doors

Frameless pivot door installation doesn’t require many tools and hardware, so the installation is very simple. These doors don’t have a plastic or metal framework, so there’s no risk of moisture accumulation or mold buildup.

Pivot doors are aesthetically pleasing as they offer a frameless view. Moreover, their hinges are fastened to hold weight at the door’s bottom and keep it stable.

A shower enclosure

Types of Glass Enclosures for Hinged Doors

Hinged doors complement various shower enclosures. For example, a single door is used instead of a shower curtain for a smaller stall to improve the shower entrance. However, if your stall has a broader entrance, you can choose French doors (a set of double-hinged doors).

You can also have a hinged door installed beside a fixed glass panel. If you need more glass to completely enclose the shower stall or tub, opt for 90-degree return panels.

Corner showers are the most efficient way to utilize the available space. Hinged doors can be used on neo-angle and right-angle showers.

Hinged Doors – Framing Options

Shower enclosures featuring hinged doors can be framed, frameless, or semi-framed. Frameless enclosures are equipped with thick frameless glass sheets that offer stability and strength. You may have to install a metal header because of your bathroom’s structure or to achieve the desired design.

In a semi-frameless design, the door panels are frameless, while the enclosure is surrounded by aluminum framing. Moreover, all the edges of a framed hinged door are encased in aluminum framing.

Hinged shower door

Benefits of Hinged Doors

A hinged shower door has a wide opening, which means it can open to 90 degrees, so it takes up more space, but it can easily accommodate individuals with mobility issues. Since these doors don’t have tracks, cleaning and maintenance is just as easy as a pivot door.

Moreover, frameless hinged doors are visually appealing as they keep the use of hinges, tracks, and brackets to a minimum, giving an unobstructed view of the bathroom.

Whether you need a pivot or hinged shower door, hire glass specialists for a quality installation. Shower Doors of Austin offers glass door replacement and installation services in Kyle, Austin, and Spice Wood. Our glass contractors also deal in custom-etched glasses and framed shower enclosures for small and large residential projects in Austin. Contact us at +1-512-831-3651 to get a free quote.

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