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New Ways to Bring Light Into Your Home Using Glass

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Architecture has tried to explore the effects of lighting through different angles numerous times. Modern architecture continues to view light as a means to illuminate the important aspects of interior design and architecture.

When light falls on reflective surfaces, it's perceived as an architectural element itself. Light adds texture, depth, and structure to material objects. Glass plays a pivotal role in guiding light inside buildings. They are also incredible at playing around with natural light.

Interested in installing glass doors harmonized with custom mirrors in your home? All you need to do is ask for a quote. Our shower glass professionals in Austin can help you with it.

Here are some quick ways you can bring natural light into your home.

Switchable Glass

As much as we want natural light to enter our homes through double and triple sliding glass doors, you won't appreciate the blazing heat coming in. Switchable glass is a high-tech product with adjustable opacity. At one flick of the switch, your doors would go stark clear. On another, opaque layers descend on the glass frame.

Elegant Mirrors

Be it a floating mirror for your living room or a framed mirror for your bedroom, mirror works as a perfect light reflector. Install them in a lit room, and they'll make it look exceptional. You can always customize mirrors for your bathroom, living room, dining room, etc.

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Have custom framed glass mirrors in Austin designed by shower glass experts. We also install standoff mirrors for bathrooms.

Install Glass on Roof

Let's begin by saying this plan is not for your whole house. This one is for a small capacity near your patio or an outdoor sitting area. Glass roofs, also called skylights, are beautiful architectural elements. They can simply be an extension of your minimalist interior d├ęcor.

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