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How To Cover Glass Doors for Privacy

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Glass doors are simply brilliant when it comes to letting in natural light. They add a spacious touch to a room, making it look blithe and airy. Even when decorating glass can be tough, you can always ensure that they have added privacy.

If glass doors are your first preference for your building, have an experienced glass installation company enhance your home’s look. Our glass services in Kyle make glass door installation hassle-free!

Here’s how to add more privacy to your glass doors.

Use Shutters

Now available in different designs and colors, shutters are an affordable choice for glass doors. They blend easily with room décor, and custom-made shutters can be designed as you like. This one’s a safe option for additional glass door privacy.

Go with a Privacy Film

One-way glass door privacy films are a norm. While you can look through them, an outsider will not be able to peek inside. Many such films line modern glass homes in plush neighborhoods. The privacy offers quality protection from harmful UV rays and keeps the house from getting warm due to direct sun exposure.

If you already have glass doors, upgrade your bathroom with frameless glass showers. They add a whole new aesthetic to your bathrooms.

Frosted Films

A classic option for doors, a frosted film never goes out of style. It does so by not robbing the glass of its appeal but by making the glass look textured instead. The film adds beauty to the doors and is not see-through at all. You could see blurred imprints of color across the film, but it maintains much privacy.

Go for Etched Glass Doors

While you can always apply etching cream to your glass doors, at least a better option is to for an etched glass door for your entrance. Etched glass doors have decorative designs that are cut into them through corrosive acids. While the glass itself is translucent, the unique door design stands out in terms of ensuring privacy.

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