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5 Signs Your Shower Door Needs To Be Replaced

Talk to a shower door company, Austin, for replacement!

When to replace a shower door? This is one of the most frequently asked questions among homeowners who have glass shower doors in their bathrooms. There's no definitive answer to this, but the right time to replace it is when your shower door shows signs of weakness. Unhinged hinges, problems opening or closing, crumbling seals, cracks, chips or any other visible damage in the glass are some of the signs your glass shower door needs to be replaced.

A pivot or a hinged shower door attached to fixed glass can update the look of your shower, creating a modern design for your bathroom. However, it can get stained from soap scum and sediment buildup or get scratches or other defects due to the daily wear and tear over time. These issues not only affect the look of your bathroom but can also be dangerous. Whatever the case, replacing the door is always an option to keep your bathroom shining like new.

Below is the answer to your question: when to replace a shower door. As shower door professionals in Austin, we have listed the top signs that indicate the right time to replace your shower door!

Talk to a shower door company, Austin, for replacement!

Glass Shower Door Replacement

Repairs may fix minor issues caused by daily wear and tear or other factors. However, there's a time when repairing is no longer the solution to solve the problem. Only replacement is the feasible option.

A defective door looks terrible, fails to function, and can be dangerous. Shower door specialists in Austin emphasize the need to be aware of your shower door condition and do the necessary repair and replacement immediately.

Many homeowners delay replacing the shower doors to save money but end up paying more than they would've spent on a new door due to the additional issues that accompany later, such as water damage, mold formation, etc. Therefore, to keep your bathroom clean, hygienic, and up-to-date, pay attention to the signs your shower door is relaying and act immediately.

When to Replace a Shower Door—5 Signs to Look for

Here are the top signs that indicate your shower door needs to be replaced:

1. Discoloration

Another significant sign indicating the time to replace our shower door is when it's discolored.

Over the years, glass shower doors tend to deteriorate, taking on a whitish appearance. Although limestone stains are easy to clean, the glass never fully regains its transparency. In addition, this issue is accompanied by another phenomenon: corrosion.

Over time, glass shower walls tend to become covered with a white veil, thus gradually losing their shine and transparency. This bleaching is due to two factors: limestone and glass corrosion. While limestone can be cleaned, the chemical phenomenon of corrosion is irreversible.

Thus, if you observe discoloration in your glass shower door, know it's time to ask a shower door company in Austin for its replacement.

2. Problem Opening or Closing Your Shower Door

Talk to a shower door company, Austin, for replacement!

Are you having more and more trouble closing or opening your shower door properly, so much so that it is no longer waterproof and forms a small puddle around the tray after each shower? This is a serious problem that needs your attention. Two of the most common causes for this are broken seals or framing problems that occur over time.

A shower door that doesn't close properly fails to keep the water inside the shower, creating puddles on the bathroom floor after every wash. These puddles are signs that it's time to replace the shower door to prevent water damage or other bigger issues.

Tip: Note that if the hinges of your old shower door are the only elements causing a problem in opening or closing the door, and the door seems still satisfactory to you, you will only have to get new shower hinges and change them without necessarily having to replace the shower door completely.

3. Your Door is Cracked or Chipped

Minor chips, cracks, and other defects on a glass door occur with time. These signs appear sooner or later, depending on your use, and may affect the look of your bathroom. Not only does it look bad, but it's unhygienic too.

Generally, shower doors are made with highly durable tempered glass, but they still hold a little chance of breakage. A chipped or cracked door can be a safety hazard and is more likely to break. Therefore, consider replacing it immediately.

4. Broken Seal

The purpose of a shower door is to keep the rest of the bathroom dry. A leaking shower area or puddles of water on the bathroom floor are clear signs that the seal is deteriorated or broken.

If you know a broken seal is causing the water leakage, consult shower door professionals in Austin immediately. It's a clear sign that it's time to replace the entire shower door, as water leakage can cause damage to your floor tiles and be a slipping hazard.

5. Mold Appearance

Mold is one of the most widespread issues in bathrooms, and its primary reason is humidity. Poor ventilation can lead to increased humidity causing mold appearance. If you see mold appearing on your shower door, screen, or the surrounding area, it may be the right time to replace your shower door.

These are some clear signs showing that your shower door needs to be replaced. Contact a shower door company in Austin to discuss the issue; the professionals will take care of the rest. They will assist you throughout the process, from selecting the right glass shower door to its installation, respecting your budget and needs.

Since glass shower doors are expensive, many people prefer to replace them on their own to save at least the replacement cost. If you're a DIYer and like to do things yourself, think again because glass shower doors are difficult to handle. Replacing a glass shower door may not be as easy as you think. Therefore, entrusting this task to shower door professionals in Austin is best.

Which Professional to Contact for Your Shower Door Replacement?

Talk to a shower door company, Austin, for a replacement!

Who should you call to install your shower screen? This question is very commonly asked by those interested in replacing their shower door.

Always opt for a trusted shower door company in Austin. Professionals know how to treat, move and place the glass so that it does not suffer any impact. Also, choose a local contractor near you to reduce travel costs which can be high.

In addition, shower door replacement requires choosing the type of glass, its thickness, opening style, and other factors. This can be an intimidating task with numerous thicknesses and designs available in the market. Opting for shower door specialists can solve this problem.

The thickness of a shower screen is important as it determines your glass door's resistance, durability and robustness. In addition, it will make your door more or less heavy, which you will have to consider when installing it. Therefore, the best is to entrust this task to professionals for peace of mind.

Now that you know when to replace a shower door and whom to contact, let’s discuss the different materials and styles of glass shower doors!

Which Material to Choose for Your New Glass Shower Door

Talk to a shower door company, Austin, for replacement!

A shower door's material and thickness are vital to ensure a durable, resistant and firm product for daily cleaning.

If you are going to buy a new shower door and are thinking about what type of model to choose, here is some information regarding its thickness to make it easier for you to choose.

In addition to the composition and type of opening, you will have to opt for a glass door with a certain thickness.

Nowadays, glass shower doors have superseded acrylic and methacrylate ones. This change has brought several clear advantages for customers and bathrooms:

  • More beautiful and elegant shower screens
  • The transparency transmits more light
  • More impact-resistant and durable partitions
  • Easier to clean doors
  • More variety to choose from

If the best material is tempered safety glass, treated in industrial ovens at high temperatures to make it more resistant, what thickness should we choose?

The Thicknesses of a Glass Shower Door

Talk to a shower door company, Austin, for replacement!

If you have already looked at models, you will have noticed that the thickness of a shower screen varies depending on the model, type of opening and manufacturer. Now, is there one better than another?

First, the thicknesses in which you can find the glass doors can range between 3 and 10 mm thick. The most common or standard are those of 6 and 8 mm thickness.

The thickness of the shower door will be essential, as it guarantees maximum safety, firmness and stability.

It must be at least three millimeters to be safe and durable. Of course, its optimal thickness depends on the type of screen. Ideally,

  • A sliding door must be at least 4-6 mm.
  • A fixed door should be 8-10 mm thick

Usually, there is a correlation between profiles and glass thickness. Thus, the most minimalist partitions, with fewer or thinner profiles, will bet on greater thicknesses so as not to lose firmness and stability.

The finest crystal partitions will be the most ornate, with anodized or lacquered aluminum profiles.

The thicker shower doors are heavier and are used in fixed showers, not mobile door screens. In addition to having good quality double bearings, for a sliding screen to slide well, it must have slightly finer crystals than the fixed ones.

  • 3 MM GLASS: The thinnest glass door would be 3mm thick, usually with an ornate aluminium
  • 4 MM GLASS: A single sliding shower front (with only one mobile panel) 4 mm thick is ideal for spacious, uncluttered bathrooms. It can cover over two meters wide and usually has resistant stainless steel ball bearings.
  • 6 MM GLASS: Most modern glass doors have this thickness. It is the market standard.
  • With glass doors of this thickness, brands can design more weightless and minimalist models. However, shower fixtures usually have greater thicknesses to guarantee greater stability, firmness and safety.
  • 8 MM GLASS: With this thickness of a shower screen, you can find both shower fixtures with one or two sheets on the market and frontal or angular screens with other openings. A greater thickness ensures maximum strength and durability.
  • 10 MM GLASS: As its name suggests, this 10 mm thick glass shower door is the most durable and easy to clean.
Talk to a shower door company, Austin, for replacement!

Tempered glass partitions are considered "anti-break" or "secure". They will hardly break, or if this occurs, the glass will fragment into pieces with rounded edges that would not pose any risk. If the shower door is installed correctly, it will most likely never break. Therefore, hiring a trusted shower door company in Austin is best.

However, as we say, tempered glass partitions are not unbreakable. They are most vulnerable during their installation. It is in its assembly when there is a greater possibility of fracture; hence it is best to opt for a professional installation if you haven't done it before.

Bet on Shower Door Specialists in Austin for the Replacement of Your Glass Shower Door!

If you've witnessed any of the above signs of weakness on your shower door and want to replace it with a new one, contact Shower Doors of Austin.

Shower Doors of Austin is a leading shower door company providing top-notch custom shower door services in Austin for years. You can select from their wide range of glass shower door models at an excellent value for money.

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